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2010 Race of the Day UPDATE: Another Shot at NY-23

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Following a spirited GOP primary in NY-23 this September, Republican Matt Doheny emerged to challenge Democrat Bill Owens this November.  Recent polling has shown Doheny leading a head-to-head contest.  With Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman leaving the race, formally backing Doheny and urging his supporters to vote for the Republican, political handicapper Stu Rothenberg was quick to move this race to “Pure Toss-Up” in early October.

Owens is clearly worried about his prospects for re-election and, not surprisingly, has taken measures to distort his record.  Despite voting for the liberal agenda of Speaker Nancy Pelosi nearly 93% of the time, Owens began airing an ad this past week touting his votes with the “Republican Leader.” This attempt to fools the voters across Upstate and the North Country is disingenuous and shows what little regard he holds for his constituents.

The unfortunate reality is that Owens has been demonstrating a blatant disregard for his constituents since he was sworn in last November.  The most disturbing part is that it took him only an hour to break four campaign promises made during the special election. 

Doheny isn’t taking anything in this race for granted and has been running an excellent campaign to unseat Owens.  Over the past several months, he’s blanketed the district to hear the concerns of voters and is ready to advocate for what they really want – to bring spending in Washington under control, a plan to create jobs and to reign in a government that’s infringing upon individual liberties.  These stand as a sharp contrast to Owens’ support of ObamaCare, more government and higher taxes.

You can learn more about Doheny on his website and be sure to keep an eye on the race in the 23rd district.

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