2010 Race of the Day UPDATE: More Massachusetts Republicans

Posted: Oct 09, 2010 10:03 AM
2010 Race of the Day UPDATE: More Massachusetts Republicans

Some breaking news hit the wire this week on partisan Democrat District Attorney Bill Keating, who’s vying to succeed Rep. Bill Delahunt in Massachusetts' Tenth Congressional Distinct.  Making it clear that he would feel right at home in the Washington swamp occupied by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s puppets, it was reported that Keating accepted over $1,500 in donations from a lawyer whose client is being prosecuted by his office.  On top of that, the lawyer – whose client is charged with the attempted murder of a firefighter – also helped organize a fundraiser for Keating in August and donated $500 to his state campaign the day before his client was charged in 2009.

Massachusetts deserves, and can do, better. 

On November 2nd, voters in the Tenth District have a clear choice between more of the same tax-and-spend agenda or a new direction for Washington.  Republican Jeff Perry has been running a strong campaign and voters can cast their ballots for a candidate wh0 will stand up for fiscal discipline, limited government and low taxes.  He’ll be ready for a fight in Congress on day and provide the representation that the Commonwealth has been lacking.

Original Post: 9/23/2010

As one of the few open U.S. House seats this cycle, Massachusetts’ 10th Congressional District has become an excellent opportunity for Republicans to pick up one of the 39 seats needed to gain control of the House.  The area is home to some of our nation’s oldest settled territory.  It was in this part of the Commonwealth that the Pilgrims fist landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620 and where John Adams’ father farmed his stony land. Stretching from the South Shore near Quincy to Cape Cod and the islands, the district is developing as a battleground territory, with a Cook PVI rating of D+5 and where Senator Scott Brown won nearly 60% of the vote during the Special Election in January.

This fall, the GOP has an opportunity to win a House seat that we last held in 1994. The seat was put into play with the retirement of Democrat Bill Delahunt who is leaving office after sitting comfortably for seven terms. 

The 10th Congressional District is one of the few parts of the Commonwealth that has strong GOP ties – which is part of the reason an exciting race is developing between Republican Jeff Perry and William Keating, Norfolk’s district attorney, who is a partisan Democrat with a record of support for his own interests over those of his constituents.  Keating has proven this with his support for tax increases and reckless spending – including a pay raise for himself when he was in the state legislature.   A vote for this Democrat would mean an extension of the failed overly-partisan policies that have wreaked havoc on the economy, dismantling the common sense principles that the people of the 10th Congressional District are pleading for. 

Fortunately, the voters in the 10th District have a candidate who is willing to fight for back-to-basic concepts of fiscal conservatism and limited government.  Jeff Perry is interested in actually representing constituents and tackling the issues facing the 10th Congressional District. After winning the Republican primary with 61% of the vote, Perry is already running an aggressive general election campaign. Currently serving his fourth term as the State Representative for the 5th Barnstable District, he is well acquainted with his constituents and their concerns about the economic turmoil we currently face. With a strong GOP backing by Senator Scott Brown and former Governor Mitt Romney, Perry has the fire on his side to paint the town red. 

To say that Democrats are worried about losing this seat to Republicans is an understatement.  The DCCC is so scared of the potential upset that they added Keating to their offensive “Red to Blue” fundraising program, despite the fact that the district is currently represented by a Democrat.  This fall, voters have a clear choice – more of the same or a new a direction – and national Democrats are showing signs that they are nervous.

You can learn more about Jeff and his campaign by checking out his website.  You can also follow his campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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