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2010 Race of the Day: Fighting Corruption in Pennsylvania (PA-07)

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One of the GOP’s best candidates in the country, Pat Meehan, is taking on state Representative Bryan Lentz in a highly competitive race in the Philadelphia suburbs. Pennsylvania’s Seventh Congressional District is an open seat currently represented by Democrat Joe Sestak, who announced his retirement to run for Senate against Arlen Specter, whom he defeated in the Pennsylvania primary on May 18.

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Pat Meehan has a distinguished record of public service, including serving as United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and Delaware County District Attorney.  The breadth of his support can be clearly witnessed in his strong grassroots support, his fundraising prowess (Meehan surpassed the $1.1 million raised mark in the closing days of the first fundraising quarter this year) and the increasing number of high profile endorsements from influential Republican leaders, including Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Meehan is also one of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s ‘Young Gun’ candidates, a title earned by reaching all the benchmarks as part of our three-level Young Guns program.

Lentz, on the other hand, has a history of supporting out-of-control spending, job-killing tax hikes and bigger government. Not only does Lentz support ObamaCare, but his record in Harrisburg shows he’ll be a rubberstamp for his party in Washington, D.C.

While U.S. Attorney, Meehan stood up to the pay-to-play politics in Philadelphia. He took on corruption because he knew the public’s faith in government was at stake. Meehan has already proven that he will stand up on behalf of taxpayers and fight against “business as usual” among Pennsylvania politics. Meehan’s work and commitment led to a string of convictions, forever changing the city’s political culture. I am confident that Meehan will take the same passion and dedication to Washington in order to put an end to Speaker Pelosi’s partisan agenda, turn the economy around, and deliver fiscal discipline to Congress.

Pennsylvania’s Seventh District was held by Republicans for a decade before Sestak won in 2006. This suburban Philadelphia district extends south to the Delaware border and is rated by Charlie Cook as D+3. Despite Obama taking 56% of the vote in 2008, the fact that respected political handicapper Stu Rothenberg considers this seat to be a “pure toss-up” is a credit to Meehan’s strong candidacy. It is clear that voters across the Seventh District have quickly turned against Obama’s agenda of endless spending and debt, government takeovers, and fewer jobs. As a result Republicans are poised to make big gains across the Keystone State, with the Seventh District being a key pick-up opportunity in the fall.

Be sure to check out Pat Meehan’s website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on this race.

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