Some Recovery: Two American's added to food stamps roll for every new job

Posted: Jul 26, 2013 12:01 AM

Barack Obama is "pivoting" - again.  He wants us to stop worrying about all the "phony scandals" and pat him on the back for the fine job he's done leading the economic recovery for the last four-plus years.

It's a tough sell, largely because it has been a non-recovering recovery.  As we recently documented (click here), the numbers from his own Labor Department tell a story of failure: 2 million less working Americans today than pre-recession, the smallest percentage of the population with a job or even looking for work in more than a generation, economic growth just half of normal recoveries, etc., etc., etc.

Too many of the jobs that Obama wants to take credit for creating have been part-time jobs, low-wage, entry level jobs.  In criticizing the "jobless nature of the recovery," Mort Zuckerman – a once big supporter of Obama – says "there are jobs, and then there are jobs."

There's another number that is damning….during this supposed recovery, 15 million more Americans are relying on food stamps than before the recession.

Depending on whether you use the Presidential puff-master Jay Carney's 7.2 million jobs created number, or the President's chief economic adviser Alan Krueger's 5.3 million, that means for every one job of any kind added during this non-recovery, there were at least two – or nearly three – Americans that signed up for food stamps.

Some recovery!