Obama's "Light Touch" Sanctimony

Posted: Jun 11, 2013 12:01 AM

There is no longer any shock value in catching the President saying something diametrically opposed to reality.  We are all too familiar with Barack "It-was-the-video" Obama and a plethora of other exaggerations and fantasies.  Occasionally, though, he goes beyond his own standards for hypocrisy. 

Such as what he said to a group of donors at a Democratic Senate fundraising event in California last week:

"We don't think government can do everything.  We don't think that top-down solutions are the right way to go.  We believe in the free market.  We believe in a light touch when it comes to regulations.  We don't want to tax all businesses out of business."

Who knew!  A little more of that kind of talk and Obama will sound like a disciple of Adam Smith and Friedrich Hayek. 

Obama didn't bother to reconcile that statement with ObamaCare that seized control of 17% of the economy, imposed 21 new or higher taxes, and 20,000 pages of new regulations – so far. Nor, with Dodd-Frank that took a giant step toward nationalizing the financial industry via the heavy hand of regulation. Nor, with his the war on the oil and gas industry by campaigning for tax increases and a relentless effort by the EPA to impose cap-and-trade via regulation fiat.

He also didn't explain why he has provided no leadership to lower the U.S. corporate tax rate, which is the highest of all OECD nations.  Nor, his failure to champion any tax "repatriation" plan that would encourage hundreds of billions of dollars of corporate assets to be brought home to the U.S. for investment.

He also didn't reconcile his outrageous claim of a regulatory "light touch" with the following summary that appeared in the Washington Times:

"A report by the Heritage Foundation last year found that the Obama administration in its first three years adopted 106 “major regulations” that increased burdens on the private sector, compared with 28 in the same time frame of President George W. Bush's administration. A study by the left-leaning OMB Watch found that total regulations adopted by the Obama administration are roughly equal to the number adopted by other administrations over the past 18 years."

To paraphrase the often used cliché popularized by Mark Twain: There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies, and Barack Obama's speeches.

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