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Devastating Jobs Report: 86,000 less jobs today than when Obama took office

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Horrible!  The September Jobs Report just released will be sliced and diced for weeks, but here is some of the most damning news. With a total population 8.8 million larger than when he took office, there are 86,000 fewer people with a job today than when Barack Obama took office in 2009 – 142.187 million in January 2009 and just 142.101 million today.

The Labor Force Participation Rate, the number of people employed or looking for work, dropped to 63.5% - a level not seen since September 1981 when far fewer women worked outside the home. In the last month alone, 568,000 more people gave up trying to find a job and left the workforce.  And, that happened in a month when the total population increased by 212,000.  

More than three years after Obama gleefully announced the recession had ended America is still waiting to see the results. Nothing is more essential to moving a family forward – or a nation – than a job, and today America has less of them than when he became President. The hope-and-change experiment needs to come to an end.    

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