Another Prominent Liberal Endorses Romney-Ryan

Posted: Aug 23, 2012 12:01 AM

I hope you saw the August issue of A Line of Sight that published yesterday.  I particularly wanted to draw your attention to the endorsement of Romney-Ryan by award winning radio host Craig Silverman.  .  

Silverman's support of Romney is particularly notable as he publicly supported Barack Obama in 2008, has spent most of his life as a Democrat, is Jewish, a member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, and a self-identified "moderate."  

Silverman's endorsement is the lead article currently posted on the home page of our website.  Here's a key excerpt: 

I am enormously disappointed in President Obama and his administration. 

The economy remains bad.  The debt bomb keeps growing.  Iran is on the verge of having nukes.  The power of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamism is expanding rapidly.  Our Justice Department is full of politics and political correctness.  Fast and Furious is a disgrace.  AG Eric Holder needs to go.

I want leadership in the White House.  I want a government with a budget that makes sense.  I do not want problems perpetually kicked down the road.  I want major legislation to be debated in the public, and not rammed down our throats without even being read by anyone other than the special interests who wrote it. 

I want a leader to stand up against sharia law and jihad – and to make clear how antithetical these concepts are to the American way.  I thought Barack Obama was ideally situated to speak some necessary truths to the Islamic world.  But this President has not, and he will not in a second term.  The world is teetering on the brink as a result.  We need some Reagan-like truth telling about repressive systems of government and ideologies which are evil.  
Read Silverman's entire endorsement here