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Jimmy Hoffa on Tea Party: Let's take these son-of-a------- out!

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As the warm up act for Barack Obama's speech at a Labor Day rally in Detroit, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. proved that big labor thuggery is alive and well and ready to go to war for Obama's re-election. 

Referring to the President's political opponents and the Tea Party specifically, Hoffa incited the crowd of union members when he said there was a "war on workers.  And you see it everywhere. It is the Tea Party." 

When the approving roar subsided enough he could be heard again, Hoffa spewed an familiar, bare-knuckled big labor threat; "President Obama, this is your army.  We are ready to march.  Let's take these son-of-a-*$#%!out and give America back to an America where we belong." 

Remember when the left went nuts over Sarah Palin's reference to "targeted" congressional districts?  And, whatever happened to the good old days when the Democrats just called the Tea Party astroturf, racists, terrorists, and the enemy? 

After Hoffa's tirade, Barack Obama gave one of his nauseating can't-we-all-just-get-along pleas for Republicans and troubled citizens to blindly and silently support the blah-blah-blah he's scheduled to roll out in yet another jobs speech on Thursday night.  I expect Obama is planning for his kumbaya moment sometime after Hoffa's Army eliminates all the dissenters. 

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