Bill Wenger

Bill Wenger
U.S. Defense Priorities: War-fighting Capability or Political Expediency?
By Bill Wenger
With the pronouncements from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, with whom I served in Iraq, mouthing the rhetoric of the Biden ...
February 16, 2021
Is Senator Tom Cotton an Army Ranger?
By Bill Wenger
Recent MSM attacks claim Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is not a Ranger because he did not serve with the 75th ...
February 01, 2021
"Be Prepared”—Boy Scouts of America file for Chapter 11
By Bill Wenger
Editor's Note: This post was co-authored by Ron Korman.The Boy Scouts of America, now Scouts BSA, filed for Chapter 11 ...
March 03, 2020
What Would Our Founding Fathers Think of America On Its 243rd Birthday?
By Bill Wenger
On this our Constitutional Republic’s 243rd Birthday, let us consider what our Founding Fathers said about where the destructive and ...
July 04, 2019
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