Sharia Law Nonchalance

Posted: Jul 04, 2013 12:01 AM

For our current president and Mrs. would-be president (Hillary), it seems that once again the best-laid plans of mice and men…etc., etc., etc.  When Obama and Clinton pressured former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down in early 2011, it was supposedly in the best interest of the Egyptian people.  We learned that the outcries against the longtime military chief were all spontaneous, inspired by the advent of social networking which included messages such as “rally at 4PM…be there,” “sit-in at 7PM…bring a friend,” and “Molotov cocktail throwing at 11PM…wear a helmet.”  Now, it would appear that more than likely, everything was orchestrated from the heart of Utah by a little known organization recognized as the National Security Agency (NSA).  Be that as it may, both Obama and Clinton got exactly what they wanted.  Namely, Mubarak was kicked to the curb and Obama’s present-day three-times-per-week phone call buddy, Mohamed Morsi, assumed office last June — with Morsi being the chief thug and enforcer of the Muslim Brotherhood.  (In fact, that type of move is very consistent with our present administration when you consider the identity of our current Treasury Secretary.)        

At this point in time, the major problem for Barack Hussein and Hillary Rodham would appear to be that millions of Egyptian citizens don’t quite share the same vision of Barack and Hillary as it pertains to a radical Islamist government being enshrined as the next pharaohs.  Thus, it begs the following question: If Syrian President al-Assad is finally overthrown; will we see the same type of elections with the Muslim Brotherhood taking control and then ultimately being thrown out?  I also wonder about Libya, Afghanistan, and even Iraq.  However, these countries, unlike Egypt, don’t have a military that’s been principally educated in the United States, armed by the United States, and financed by the United States.  Remember, it’s the military that has individual vested rights and interests regarding keeping the bad guys “out” and the will of the people “in.”  

Indeed, the world has finally awakened to our administration’s vision of a Middle East controlled by those who would part company with each country’s individual identity in order to fall under the banner of Sharia law.  Where is our absolute indignation?  In almost every instance, the so-called freedom fighters that we get into bed with — the same ones that are using our guns, our bombs, and our listening device technology — are the same freedom fighters that brought down the Twin Towers.    

But don’t worry, America.  There’s nothing much to see in Cairo.  More importantly, the   iPhone 6 is just around the corner, Justin Bieber was recently arrested, and for goodness’ sake it’s almost football season.