A Senator Goes All Chucky on Economy

Posted: Jul 21, 2012 12:01 AM

Even though I spend much of my time in Arizona, I still vote and pay taxes in the great state of New York. 

Therefore, my ears always perk up when New York’s U.S. Senators are mentioned.  We’ve certainly had our fair share of colorful and illustrious characters playing the roll of Mr. Smith goes to Washington. 

From Aaron Burr to Robert Kennedy and from William H. Seward to Hillary Clinton, the list is very formidable. 

However, no name stands out greater in my opinion than current senior New York State Senator Chuck Schumer. 

Most politicians are usually difficult to read, they couch their statements in the best light so as not to offend anyone. 

After all, there is always the next election and the desire for job security.  Chucky, I’m pleased to say, is not of that bent.  You always know where Schumer stands on the issues.  He’s clear, he’s concise, he’s Chucky the easy-to-read Senator. 

When Bill Clinton was facing impeachment, the opening of the Senate trial was highlighted by every Senator raising their hand and taking an oath that he or she would keep an open mind until all the evidence had been presented. 

Fairness was to be the order of the day.  The time honored oath was to ensure a fair and equitable trial. 

Of course, Chucky raised his hand with other luminaries such as Robert Torricelli (aka “the Torch”), Harry Reid, Frank Lautenberg, and the ever-lovable John Edwards. 

As the trial was to go on for days, Schumer had sworn to be completely impartial.  Knowing Chucky would be Chucky, he did not disappoint. 

After two hours of opening statements and a discussion of rules, the Senators took a short recess.  Immediately, Senator Schumer rushed to a television microphone to announce that he had heard absolutely nothing so far that would make him change his mind. 

Not bad, Chucky lasted all of about two hours on his honor. 

This is what I love about Chuck.  If he says long, be short.  Up is down, big is small, and one’s honor is Schumer’s dishonor. 

Always, always, bet the opposite with Chucky, he’s just so predictable. 

That’s why I’m not surprised at his most recent antic. 

Schumer has continually stressed the non-political, non-partisan role of the Federal Reserve. 

Chuck has always stressed Ben Bernanke’s independence, therefore, true to form, the bet should have been that what he really meant was “Ben, you work for us, the Obama administration” 

Schumer’s most recent statements are crystal clear: Federal Reserve, do something before November

Was this really a surprise to anyone?  You know, my poor Senator is really taking a lot of heat for his inconsistency and applying pressure on the Fed. 

I’m here to say, shame on his critics!  We all know where Chucky stands, and if you don’t, you simply haven’t been paying attention. 

What I’d really like to hear Schumer say is that he wants to be Senator for life. 

That statement, in its true meaning, would certainly be worth listening to.