Posted: Mar 29, 2005 12:00 AM

  ?There is no substitute for victory,? General Douglas MacArthur once stated.  Now, more than ever, there is no substitute for victory.  There is no substitute for victory in the war on terror; there is no substitute for victory in the cultural battle now raging in this country.  Rarely has a generation encountered such challenges at home and abroad.  Traditional values are under attack from all sides.  Yet conservatism is on the ascendance.  With George W. Bush?s re-election and Republican control of both houses of Congress, conservatives finally have a chance to begin reversing the societal damage liberalism has wrought. 

            Townhall.com has played a large part in the rise of modern conservatism.  Bringing together conservatives across the country, disseminating the most cogent conservative commentary to hundreds of thousands each day, connecting Americans to the most important conservative interest groups ? Townhall.com does all of this and more.  Townhall.com has been a leader in the alternative media for a decade now; thanks to that alternative media, conservatism has countered mainstream media bias, allowing conservatives to play on an even field ? and to gain the upper hand.

            But there?s still a long way to go.  Liberals won?t give up without a fight.  They maintain control of our universities, where the false god of Tolerance reigns supreme.  They control the judiciary, continuing to thwart the will of the people through judicial activism and usurpation.  Democrats in Congress threaten to obstruct the people?s will.  It?s going to take perseverance and strength to weather the ideological assault conservatism will surely face.  In the battle for hearts and minds, Townhall.com is an indispensable weapon in the conservative arsenal. 

            The stakes have never been higher.  We have come to a crossroads in American history; we have received an opportunity that rarely comes.  We must not falter now.  By donating to Townhall.com, you can help us continue to forge ahead in the never-ending quest to maintain American greatness.