What goes around, comes around, Mr. Arafat

Posted: Nov 11, 2004 12:00 AM

Yasser Arafat is dead. Or he's not. For the last week, we've heard conflicting reports about whether the old terrorist sack of excrement is breathing or not. Listening to the argument between Arabs in France and Arabs in the Palestinian Authority about Arafat's medical status is like listening to John Kerry and Teresa Heinz arguing about who really owns the family SUV. You're not sure whom to believe, but it sure is funny.

    Whether he's alive or dead when you read this, consider this column a post-mortem on the scum bucket: Good riddance. The only downside to Arafat's death is that it comes from natural causes. No terrorist of Arafat's magnitude, with so much blood on his hands, should be allowed to fade away in a French hospital bed. Arafat deserved years of pain and suffering.

    Still, there's a certain poetic beauty to Arafat's death. He'll assume room temperature in France (where his body will undoubtedly smell better than those of the doctors). His wife, Suha, refuses to remove him from life support because only Arafat knows the codes to his personal bank accounts, containing hundreds of millions of laundered dollars.

    She accused Arafat's terrorist buddies in Ramallah of attempting to ?bury Abu Ammar alive.? (Hmmm.) The only element lacking here is a consolation visit from Sen. Hillary Clinton.

    We are certain to see international mourning when Arafat, the father of the modern terrorist movement, makes the journey to his final roasting place. The media that adored him so in life will surely give him more of a send-off than they gave Ronald Reagan.    Already, the stomach-turning praise has begun -- it's time to build a ?legacy.? ?Arafat was a founding father and a peacemaker,? blathers Calvin Clark of TheGlobalist.com. Traitorous Israeli David Grossman wrote in the Los Angeles Times that Arafat ?battled for decades for this land. He turned its story into a political reality that has preoccupied the world, and he became a powerful and universal symbol of a nation's return to its homeland.?

    The Nobel Prize committee will explain that Arafat was truly a ?man of peace? and deserved his 1994 award. Hundreds of thousands of ?peace-loving? Muslims the world over will gather for Arafat memorials. And, of course, the Israeli left will babble about Arafat as a ?partner for peace.?

    It's accepted custom not to curse the dead after they're gone, so I'm going to take this opportunity to blast Arafat while his lungs continue to function. The world has been adamant that people not forget the Holocaust, but when modern-day Jews are murdered in Israel, the world has turned a blind eye.

    Arafat is guilty of mass murder. He ordered the targeted slaughter of Israeli civilians. He took an active part in the 1972 Munich massacre. He ordered the lynching of Arab ?collaborators? with Israel. He used the Oslo Accords as a Trojan horse with which to destroy the state of Israel. He instituted a system of education aimed at indoctrinating children into the cult of anti-Semitism and Islamism -- his ?people? now reflect Arafat's own twisted mindset.

    And it's not just about Israel. He ordered the 1973 slaying of American Ambassador Cleo Noel Jr., his attache George Moore, and the Belgian charge d'affaires, Guy Eid, in Khartoum, Sudan. His forces murdered wheelchair-bound American Leon Klinghoffer in 1985. He supported Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War. Yasser Arafat is as perfect an embodiment of evil as was Adolf Hitler.

    This revolting refugee from the garbage bin of humanity wanted to be buried atop the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount. The Israeli government forbade him, and so he'll push up daisies in Ramallah. If the Israeli government had any spine, they'd do to Arafat in death what they never did in life and exile his body.

    If the Saudis love him so much, let them bury him in Mecca. If the French adore him, let them bury him beneath the Arc D'Triomphe. If the United Nations cries for him, let them bury him beneath the podium in the General Assembly.

    So now that Arafat is on the brink, is there hope for peace? Absolutely, but not the kind of peace the left wants. Their hero is gone, and they're going to have to find another terrorist to legitimize. Meanwhile, it's Israel's job to send the newly minted terrorist leadership and their followers the message they never sent Arafat: We will not appease you. Force will get you nowhere. There's no legacy in terrorism.