Supplying the antidote

Posted: Mar 19, 2004 12:00 AM

It?s election time.  Get out your wallets.  Annoying, isn?t it?  You read your mail every day and see one candidate or another asking for cash.  Few of the candidates are true to your conservative ideals.  Others are certain to lose.  In California, my home state, ideological conservatives are bound to get the same percentage of the vote as Fidel Castro challengers.

You toss the letter in the garbage can and get depressed about the state of our country.  So what if the war on terror is being politicized?  So what if government spending is at an all-time high?  So what if gay marriage is on the table?  So what if half of young Americans will probably get sexually transmitted diseases?  So what if the public education system is a massive failure, and the higher education system is a tool for indoctrination?  There?s nothing you can do about it, right?

Think again. If you want to make a change, write a check to is a policy force.  Every day, they provide you with the finest conservative commentary available.  Every day, they shine the light on wishy-washy politicians and activist judges.  Every day, they link you to all the news you need to know, from the most vital to the most trivial. is always experimenting, finding new ways to fight the good fight. was the first to take a chance on my column (and readers like you have made it a hit!). set up MeetUp to gather and coordinate thousands of conservatives. weblog was one of the first by a major conservative website. book service means more than fantastic book reviews ? it means that you get better books, cheaper. readers are notoriously generous.  During the last pledge drive, you raised over $130,000 in a week and a half.  In December 2003, I asked you to donate to Operation Gratitude and Freedom Alliance to support our troops: in under a week, you donated over $7,000 (anti-war liberals, by comparison, barely raised more than $1,000).

Now it?s time to be generous once more.  The liberals are in serious contention for control of America.  Conservatives are being assaulted on all sides.  If we don?t work together now, we will be regretting it next January.  We could be complaining speaking about a government that waffles on foreign policy, raises taxes, hates business, and promotes social elitism.  The poison is seeping through our nation. provides the antidote.