I was right, I am right, and I will be right

Posted: Dec 04, 2002 12:00 AM
My parents taught me never to say, "I told you so." But when you're right so often, you just have to tell someone. So, for the benefit of you, the loyal reader, let me enumerate exactly how right I've been these past few months. On Aug. 23, I wrote the following: "Russia is renewing her relations with America's enemies. ... For years, the Russians have been strong trade partners with Hussein, ignoring U.N. sanctions and continuing to consume Iraqi oil. ... Politically, Putin's support for the War on Terror has been priceless to President Bush, and he could pressure Bush to go easy on Russia's Arab allies." I was dead on. As I write this column, the Associated Press reports: "U.S.-Russian Rift Brewing Over Iraq." The article explains that the United States and Russia are arguing over what items should be banned from the U.N. Oil-for-Food program; Russia has also been trying consistently to use its leverage to moderate American goals with respect to Iraq. On Sept. 4, I recommended that President Bush forgo congressional approval for a strike on Iraq. I said that he should address the American people, saying: "I did not want the bureaucrats in Washington to sidetrack a course of action that is clear and moral. And I know that congressional officials would do just that." The president instead went to the Congress for a resolution authorizing force against Iraq. Congress balked. It effectively forced the president to go through the United Nations; the congressional resolution made U.S. action partially dependent on the whims of the patsies at the United Nations. And now, we're stuck with Hans Blix and his terrorist-sympathizing, socialist buddies running around Iraq in a VW bug, trying to find weapons of mass destruction, declaring Iraq's government "helpful." If the president had merely appealed to the American people, U.S. Marines would now be sipping Cokes in Baghdad. On Oct. 16, I predicted that the Democrats would attack conservative media players like Rush Limbaugh. "Ripping alternative news sources as illegitimate is the left's only remaining option," I wrote. "The left demonizes Rush Limbaugh, calling him an extremist and hoping that his popularity will diminish. ... The left will continue in its attempt to tear down the alternative media that the right has championed. If it can't control or compete, it wishes to destroy." Precisely five weeks later, Tom Daschle ripped into Rush Limbaugh, comparing him to Islamic fundamentalists and accusing him of inciting violence. "Rush Limbaugh and all of the Rush Limbaugh wannabes have a very shrill edge," Daschle demagogued, in his touchy-feely voice. "You know, we see it in foreign countries, and we think, 'Well, my God, how can this religious fundamentalism become so violent?' Well, it's that same shrill rhetoric, it's that same shrill power that motivates." A few days later, Al Gore echoed Daschle. When you're right, you're right. And I plan to continue being right. So here are some more predictions for the future. Bill Frist will run for and win the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. Condoleeza Rice will be the second name on the ticket. I know that prominent columnists like William Safire have said that the 2008 Republican nominee will be Condy, but she has never been elected to a public office, and without that experience, I can't see her in 2008. But 2016 is another story. In California, Bill Simon will run against Barbara Boxer for the Senate in 2004. He will make it a close race, learning from the campaign blunders he committed in his race against Gray Davis in 2002. Ariel Sharon's Likud Party will clean up in the next Israeli election, but not much will change. Sharon is truly a centrist, not a hawk, and unless he drastically changes his policy, he will lose his office to a more right-wing candidate within the next three years. The United States will put away Iraq quickly and relatively painlessly, leaving antiwar protesters unemployed. Building a government in that state will be difficult, a process marked by infighting and brutality before stability is reached. After the United States takes care of Saddam, North Korea will back down, signing a disarmament agreement with the United States in return for increased trade. This time, the United States will insist on real verification measures. So don't bother reading your astrology charts. Put that tabloid with Nostradamus' predictions back on the shelf. Save the phone charges to Miss Cleo at the federal pen. Check in here every week for your political one-stop shopping.