Eradicate the State Department

Posted: Aug 29, 2002 12:00 AM
On Sept. 20, 2001, President Bush said that people were either with us or with the terrorists. The people in the State Department are with the terrorists. Let's go after them. The State Department, led by Colin "Captain Courageous" Powell, is comprised of a bunch of career foreign-policy hacks concerned more with justifying their own existence than with creating viable United States foreign policy. State hasn't done anything useful. Ever. State Department employees are career bureaucrats. To make themselves relevant, they make all international disputes into cases of gray: No one is right, no one is wrong, so let's go mediate. They dither about our enemies. They suggest "multilateralism" and "consensus." They try to prevent attacks on countries that are obviously developing the capabilities to destroy massive numbers of American citizens. Take, for instance, their stance on an impending attack against Iraq. According to the Weekly Standard, Powell allowed his top aides to tell The New York Times that he disagrees with the president and is "desperately trying to restrain him." Richard Boucher, blustery spokesman for the department, continues to push for "rebuilding a (United Nations) Security Council consensus on Iraq," instead of actually confronting the issue. Who does he think he's kidding? The United Nations is a Muslim mouthpiece. There are 189 member states in the United Nations, and 56 of those belong to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which is dedicated to "safeguard(ing) the interest and ensur(ing) the progress and well-being of their peoples and those of other Muslims in the world over," according to their Web site. Almost one-third of all the countries in the United Nations are Islamic, and really, how hard is it to get swing votes from prostitute-states like France? The State Department constantly preaches how great our "Saudi allies" are. Of Saudi support in the War on Terror, Powell exclaimed: "Every request we have put before the Saudis, they have responded to positively." And Boucher stated: "We have established very good -- excellent cooperation with Saudi Arabia in a whole host of areas involving the campaign against terrorism." Would that "cooperation" include directly funding terrorist activities, pulling money out of the U.S. economy and refusing U.S. troops access to our own airbases, Mr. Boucher? As usual, the State Department is also pushing for Israel to make more concessions to the Palestinians. Now, it's the "Gaza-Bethlehem First" plan, which would pull Israeli troops out of those areas and turn the areas over to Palestinian "law enforcement." Just a question: What ever happened to President Bush's call for the "Palestinian people" to reject Yasser Arafat and make democratic reforms before Israel makes any more concessions? That fell by the wayside as soon as State got hold of that "one-sided" policy. Watch -- within two weeks, another large homicide bombing attack will occur. And the State Department will condemn it "in the strongest possible terms," as usual. I remember right after the Sept. 11 attacks, when Colin Powell and his crew were building our shoulder-to-shoulder "coalition against terror," including such renowned terror-fighting states as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Powell was being interviewed on Fox News, and the interviewer asked something to the effect of: "Why is it important that we form a coalition?" Powell responded: "So that we can have statements like those condemning terrorism we've gotten from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries." Statements? We form a coalition supposedly to fight terror, and we're asking terror-supporting states to make "statements"? Yasser Arafat condemns terror all the time, and it doesn't make him any less of a terrorist. But this vignette makes very clear the role of the U.S. State Department: psychobabble. Colin Powell travels around the world to say to leaders that perhaps, maybe, sometime, you might want to rein in terrorists. If you don't, I'll piss and moan about it, but I won't come down strong against you or do anything to hurt you. Just you think about that, mister! Talk, talk and more talk. And all of it supporting terror-states. The State Department is standing with terrorists, so let's do to it what we do to other terror-supporting organizations: Eradicate it. Tell Colin Powell to go apply for a job that requires babbling incoherently as a skill. Give Boucher a position as official government hot-air balloon blower. The State Department is not America's ally, so let's stop treating it like one.