There oughta be a law

Posted: Aug 01, 2002 12:00 AM
On July 27, a plane at an air show in Ukraine plowed into a crowd of spectators, killing 78.'s "Quick Vote" poll question asked: "Is it time for a ban on public air shows?" Two days later, on July 29, a pilot for Delta Air was arrested after he attempted to board and fly a plane while drunk.'s query: "Should the FAA require alcohol testing for all pilots?" On July 30, President Bush signed a corporate-reform bill into law.'s poll question: "Will corporate-reform legislation boost investor and consumer confidence?" Notice a pattern here? In each of these cases, CNN's poll question calls for more regulation. A plane crashes at an air show? Outlaw air shows. A drunken pilot tries to board a plane? Force all pilots to submit to breathalyzers. Corporate corruption getting you down? Stick government into the mix. Ridiculous. Soon, CNN will be pushing for a ban on children because of all the recent kidnapping cases. Or perhaps a ban on beaches because whales have been getting stranded on shore lately. It's amazing the distance the left will go to justify governmental intervention. Take the recent business scandals, for instance. Several large companies have admitted to cooking their books. Many of these have gone bankrupt, and their CEOs are being led away in handcuffs. The solution, according to the left, is to pass more laws. The scandals, they say, are proof that capitalism is flawed. We need Big Government to magically fix the problem. Democrats will wave their magic wands, and poof! All the bad rich white guys will be behind bars and investors will be safe. That's a laugh. Why in the world would anyone think the government should be managing the markets? Government has already proved too willing to undercut the free markets through welfare, Social Security and the minimum wage. The Immigration and Naturalization Service is perhaps the worst case of mismanagement of any organization in the country. Most legislators know little about the inner workings of financial management. And we want to put these people in charge of "fixing the markets"? The truth is, the latest corporate scandals are a perfect example of the markets working. What happened to the bad guys? Their companies went bankrupt, and they now find themselves waiting for a court date. Investors don't need new government accounting oversight boards to peek over the shoulder of corporate honchos. The company that can make its process most transparent and the accounting firm that can prove itself the most reliable will be the ones to restore investor confidence. Since the case of the drunken pilot, leftists are also calling for new Federal Aviation Administration rules that would force pilots to take blood-alcohol tests before they board planes. Wonderful. Just what we need -- the FAA, that defender of air security, to supervise airline-administered tests. Aren't these the geniuses responsible for the terrible job of baggage screening at airports? Again, the case of the Delta Drunk is an example of the existing process working to perfection. Security guards smelled booze on the guy's breath, pulled him over and administered a test. He is now under investigation by both the airline and the FAA. If he is found to have tanked up before piloting, he will be fired. According to leftists, we need to restrict everyone in order to account for the few criminals. There are approximately 3,000 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Fewer than 10 of these are known to have cooked their books. Still, says the left, we must pass new laws, amend the entire system and stick our grubby hands into the market. Delta Air offers over 6,400 flights per day. Only one pilot is accused of being drunk -- and he was caught before he boarded the plane. Doesn't seem like a serious problem to me. Then again, when has the magnitude of a problem prevented leftists from piling on the regulations? It's ludicrous. What comes next? Forty thousand people are killed annually in car crashes -- should we ban cars? James Traficant is going to jail for eight years on charges of corruption -- should we ban portly middle-aged Southern white men who wear toupees? From corporate regulation to FAA regulation to air-show regulation, leftists constantly promote restrictions that destroy essential freedoms. Is it time we banned leftists?