Autry J. Pruitt

Autry J.  Pruitt
Democrats Are Fighting for Their Lives. Republicans Need to Fight Back.
By Autry J. Pruitt
With Judge Amy Coney Barrett on the verge of confirmation, Democrats are showing utter disdain for their constitutional duties and ...
October 26, 2020
Racing Toward Racism
By Autry J. Pruitt
Barack Obama normalized relations with Cuba saying in part, "Neither the American, nor Cuban people are well served by a ...
January 28, 2017
Hollywood Potentates vs Donald Trump
By Autry J. Pruitt
EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an excerpt from the new book, Planes, Steak & Water: Defending Donald J. Trump by Autry J. ...
October 13, 2016
Associated Press Hides Democrats’ Hatred of African Americans
By Autry J. Pruitt
The depths to which “respected” journalists will stoop in seeking to create a narrative to sway elections and poll numbers defy comprehension. ...
July 04, 2016
Trump Channels Sharpton
By Autry J. Pruitt
Donald Trump is taking fire from the left and the right for expressing his reservations over having a class action ...
June 06, 2016
Winning the Black Vote
By Autry J. Pruitt
There’s a scene from the television show Blackish in which the character Andre Johnson, a black advertising executive, is approached ...
April 27, 2016
Trump, Smarter Than You
By Autry J. Pruitt
Say what you will about Donald Trump but the man is exciting. Within minutes of bringing his comb over, in ...
July 25, 2015
Congratulations Savannah, You Have Experienced Equal Work!
By Autry J. Pruitt
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s freshly minted presidential campaign is still looking for traction following the mainstream media's manufactured headlines concerning ...
April 13, 2015
Democrats Supporting Unions While Stiffing Veterans
By Autry J. Pruitt
With the 2016 presidential race beginning to take shape, liberals are ratcheting up their attacks on Republicans over labor issues ...
March 07, 2015
Choking Constitutional Liberty
December 20, 2014 |
Black America and American Exceptionalism
By Autry J. Pruitt
Events in Ferguson, Missouri have spawned an intriguing phenomenon. A casual pursuing of the popular center-left blogosphere like Slate or ...
December 01, 2014
Big Government Equals Big Beatings
By Autry J. Pruitt
The events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, represent why every single black American should, without equivocation, reject the big government view ...
August 19, 2014
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