Austin Nimocks

Austin Nimocks
Redefining Marriage Raises Concerns For Children and Society
By Austin Nimocks
NOTE: This is the sixth and final column in a series of columns related to National Marriage Week, Feb. 7-14, ...
February 14, 2013
California’s Scorched Earth Policy Toward Marriage
By Austin Nimocks
From the moment the push to redefine marriage began, the most militant of the would-be redefiners deployed a “scorched earth ...
July 08, 2012
Science Confirms Reality- Children Really Need Both Mom and Dad
By Austin Nimocks
For the last two decades, proponents of same-sex “marriage” have tirelessly worked to convince average, everyday citizens that same-sex relationships ...
June 20, 2012
Anchorage Prop. 5 Religious Liberty Concerns Are Real
By Austin Nimocks
Anchorage’s Proposition 5 is being watched by many around the nation and provides the perfect example of why not everyone ...
March 26, 2012
Do Ask, Do Tell (If You're a California Judge)
By Austin Nimocks
Throughout the push for the judicial overthrow of California’s marriage amendment, arguments were made about how it was time to ...
February 29, 2012
Is Marriage a Good Thing?
By Austin Nimocks
A fundamental assumption of the ongoing debate on the definition of marriage is that it is.  After all, in our ...
November 25, 2009
The Long Count
By Austin Nimocks
On the whole, there shouldn’t have been a surer thing than the defeat of Proposition 8 in the California elections ...
December 16, 2008
Finally, "Straight Talk" From the Homosexual Agenda
By Austin Nimocks
We all love and appreciate honesty, and it’s finally coming from the most unlikely of sources—the homosexual agenda. No ...
October 20, 2008
"Cruise" Control: Straight Talk on the True Nature of Homosexual Behavior
By Austin Nimocks
While Washington, D.C., and the American media have seen fit to take Idaho Senator Larry Craig to task for his ...
September 28, 2007
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