French appease Hizballah, undermine international peace and security

Posted: May 02, 2005 12:00 AM
Two decades ago Hizballah pioneered suicide bombings. In the time since, Hizballah has become the main sponsor of terrorism in the Palestinian territories. According to Israeli intelligence, Hizballah backs at least 51 terrorist cells in the territories - 36 in the West Bank and 15 in the Gaza. Last year, they transferred around 9 million dollars to the West Bank and Gaza for the purpose of encouraging and organizing terrorist attacks, procuring military equipment, and paying terrorists & families of suicide bombers.
Right now Members of Hizballah are spending their day figuring out ways to kill people. The world knows this. Yet the European Union refuses to clamp down on terrorist groups and freeze their assets. Why? Because France, which holds a veto power over any European Union action, won?t let them.
In the French view, the European Union should continue to appease and nurture Hizballah as a power broker in Lebanon, so as not to disturb the already delicate domestic situation in that country. So France pretends that Hizballah is just another political group, as deserving as any of political contributions. France pretends that Hizballah doesn?t use this money to convince children to strap bombs onto their chests and detonate themselves in public.
But some things cannot be ignored. Like the fact that Hizballah plots 9-11 style terrorist attacks. Or that they spend their days training and funding terrorist cells. Or that they dedicate their lives to perpetuating destructive historic myths which have been a source of anti-Semitism for centuries. They use Israel as an excuse for attacks against freedom and democracy everywhere. These are the same people who prevent the Middle East from becoming anything other than an incubator of hate. And their influence is spreading disease throughout Europe.  

A recent European Commission poll revealed that 59% of European citizens consider Israel to be the top threat to world peace, greater even than Iran and North Korea. ?An even stronger Muslim presence in Europe is certainly endangering the life of Jewish people,'' Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said during a recent interview. England, France, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries have all witnessed a spike in violent Anti-Semitic attacks. Almost daily, Jewish schools and synagogues in Paris are vandalized.
After World War II we swore never again. But such sentiments mean nothing if they are not animated with action. We need to stop groups like Hizballah from spreading their anti-human agenda. A good first step would be for the European Union to freeze their funds. Hizballah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has admitted that a European Union ban would effectively destroy his organization: "The sources of funding will dry up and the sources of moral, political and material support will be destroyed.?
Clamping down on Hizballah would send a message throughout the world that the Europeans are sincere in their opposition to terrorism. It would reaffirm the shared goals of global peace and security. It would remove, surgeon like, a constant threat to the Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire. And it would effectively end much of the terrorist recruiting in Europe.
Sadly, France quivers at taking action, and so the European Union is paralyzed. And Hizballah continues to raise money as a ?political party,? and to spend their days figuring out ways to kill people. Just as they?ve done for the past twenty-two years.