So help me GOD

Posted: Aug 23, 2001 12:00 AM
The Democratic leadership in the Senate believes that God should be killed. Short of this, however, they are willing to erase him from our public space. To this end, they recently took it upon themselves to remove the words "so help me God" when it administers oaths to nominees during confirmation hearings. "Do you swear the testimony you are about to give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" is the sentence that apparently caused great painful groans from Democratic leaders. Plainly, the liberals know that they, not God, run the government and they'll be damned if HE is going to receive any credit. The standard liberal passion for butchering God ensued and the reference to the almighty, a staple of the confirmation process since George Washington took office in 1789, was promptly tossed by the wayside. More than a rhetorical exercise in liberal God-baiting, the omission betrays a fundamental disdain for religion in the U.S. Senate. As the Traditional Values Coalition noted on their Web site, "...this removal of 'So help me God' from the oath is simply another example of the prevailing anti-religious bigotry that exists within the Senate Judiciary Committee." Given that the Senate exists to directly represent the rights of its citizenry, this sort of anti-religious sentiment should be of grave concern to the 96 percent of Americans who, according to a recent Gallup Poll, believe in God. Of course, whether the liberals like it or not, law and morality are inextricably entwined. Since the law in a democracy is designed to give equal protection to all of the citizenry, it must flow from a common understanding of what is good and what is vicious. This common understanding may be termed "morality." Lacking the common belief that the law is moral or good, there is little incentive for a democratic citizenry to willingly comply with the law. Get it? In a democracy, morality is what animates the laws with meaning! You would have to be pretty egocentric not to notice this crucial relationship between law and morality. But egocentrism is a badge of honor among Senate Democrats who would seek to blot out the invocation of God and place themselves at the center of all things. In the meantime, they have determined to shun the invocation of morality in general and God in the specific. They are pleased to obscure the role of morality in our legal system. For them, the less mention of God and morality the better, for it brings us that much closer to the secular view of life that they are most comfortable with. They are intent upon achieving moral decline largely by removing the invocation of God from the public sphere, then rushing to fill the void themselves. This is the quality that precedes the fall. So help us all, God.