Anne Yasmine Rassam

Anne Yasmine Rassam
Anti-war Protestors: Some Oldies But Not So Goodies
By Anne Yasmine Rassam
The anti-war rallies last weekend brought out the usual medley of retreads (Jane Fonda, the post-North Vietnamese Communist supporter, post-Turner, ...
February 01, 2007
Somalia Bombings Show Why We Must Destroy Al-Qaeda in Iraq
By Anne Yasmine Rassam
The recent Special Forces strike in Somalia illustrates once and again the foolhardiness of those who want us out of ...
January 17, 2007
Iraqi justice: Saddam hung in his own torture chambers
By Anne Yasmine Rassam
The cold corridors of the headquarters of the Fifth Section of Iraqi Intelligence saw a strange sight last week: the ...
January 08, 2007
The Axis of Quasi-Evil: Talks with Syria over Iraq?
By Anne Yasmine Rassam
President Bush’s 2002 definition of the axis of evil included North Korea, Iraq and Iran—Syria didn’t make the list. Given ...
December 01, 2006
The United Nations Honors Yet Another Dictator
By Anne Yasmine Rassam
Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan’s ruthless dictator, has been awarded a medal by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) ...
September 27, 2006
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