Dem Convention Pass Features Upside-Down Flag

Posted: Aug 22, 2008 11:21 AM
Dem Convention Pass Features Upside-Down Flag

Credentials for the Democratic National Convention appear to feature their Barack Obama’s image superimposed over an upside-down American flag.

The credential shows the stars of the America flag in the lower right hand corner of the pass as if it were upside down, an official sign of distress.

Natalie Wyeth, a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee said it was an artistic rendition of the American flag, not an actual American flag. "The DNCC community credentials incorporate patriotic design elements,” she said in a statement to Colorado’s KUSA Channel 9 News. “They do not depict an actual American flag. The DNCC has full and complete respect for the flag and all rules of display."

Obama came under fire earlier this year for refusing to wear an American flag pin. Last October Obama told reporters: “You know, the truth is that right after 9/11, I had a pin. Shortly after 9/11, particularly because as we're talking about the Iraq War, that became a substitute for I think true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to our national security, I decided I won't wear that pin on my chest.”

Obama quietly began wearing an American flag pin again last spring after being attacked by opponents for lacking patriotism.