Top 10 Things to Expect From Obama Court

Posted: Jul 28, 2008 1:05 PM
Top 10 Things to Expect From Obama Court

The conservative-leaning Committee for Justice is trying to rile supporters with a “Top 10” list of things to expect from the Supreme Court should Barack Obama be elected president and appoint his desired justices.

CJ Executive Director Curt Levey wrote supporters an email Monday with the words “Obama court is a conservative nightmare” in the subject line.

“That very real possibility should frighten conservatives all the more when they consider that 1) by the end of an 8-year Obama presidency, Justices Scalia and Kennedy would be 80 years old, an age most men never reach, and 2) given the damage the Supreme Court has done to the rule of law since 1969, imagine what the Court would do if it regained a “solid liberal majority,” Levey said.

The Supreme Court is currently narrowly divided along party lines. Nearly a third of all Supreme Court decisions are decided 5-4. Any Obama-appointed justice would likely give the court a liberal preference. Given Obama’s stances on various issues, CJ compiled this list with what their group believes Obama’s appointed justices would be capable of doing:

10. Expanding and perpetuating the use of racial preferences

9. Creating new constitutional rights to physician-assisted suicide and human cloning

8. Expanding judicial oversight of military detentions and CIA interrogations

7. Prohibiting tuition vouchers for religious schools

6. Banning the death penalty

5. Requiring taxpayers to fund essentially unlimited abortion rights

4. Creating new constitutional rights to massive government welfare and medical care programs

3. Stripping "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance

2. Eroding property rights

1. Ordering all 50 states to bless gay marriage

Levey’s email was also posted on CJ’s blog .

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