Detroit Finally Comes to their Senses

Posted: Jul 20, 2013 12:01 AM

Detroit is going bankrupt. . . It’s about time. The Heritage Foundation weighs in on why the city has been due a bankruptcy for quite some time.

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Show Prep:

Big Three:

Leave it to Mike McKee to put a smiley face on the Fed’s woefully unclear message about tapering.

On the bright side: Because of Bernanke’s “we’re going to taper, unless we don’t” message, the dollar is expected to stay “data dependent.”

Detroit it going Bankrupt. (Can we point out that Democrats have run this city since its glory days?) So what does that mean for the muni market?

Speaking of Detroit’s pending bankruptcy:

Ezra Klein is an idiot:

The official White House denier had this to say about the Obamacare effect on hiring:

If Carney’s right. . . Then why did we delay the employer mandate?

Other News:

You may not have read this, because the news media was a bit too busy reporting on those racist “White-Hispanics” like George Zimmerman:

But, yeah. . . Obamacare’s going to work:

WAIT! You mean it is FAKE!? It’s STAGED!? The outcomes are PRE-DETERMINED!? (Hang on. . . are we talking about wrestling or elections in Chicago?)