Sick Puppies

Posted: Jan 31, 2020 1:31 PM
Sick Puppies

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

If one scene in the impeachment trial has typified the motives, delusion, and nefarious intent of the hucksters trying to remove President Trump, it was when Chairman Jerry Nadler scurried to beat Lead Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff to the microphone to have the last word while Schiff looked dyspeptic, calling out to Nadler, “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry….”

It appears that self-aggrandizement was a dominant factor after all. Chairman Nadler could not have been happy when Speaker Pelosi entrusted the impeachment charade to the mendacious Adam Schiff, a position normally entrusted to Judiciary Committee Chairman.

Seeing the two vie for the last word was a moment of inadvertently produced levity. But it also indicated, in part, the motivation to run through the tape was the desire to attain a measure of notoriety within the Leftist base now controlling the Democrat Party.

It also demonstrates the continued delusion of the House managers who believe that if they talk everyone to death, using boring soliloquies that feature a repetition of the same talking points that were worn out months ago, they will convince enough senators to vote to expand the Senate trial. Then they would get to drag this charade out even longer. 

For the House managers, they believe that if they say their mistruths often enough, (sometimes loud, sometimes soft, sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a snarl), these mistruths will become true. Or at least, accepted as truth.

The objective truth, however, ultimately wins out. And the truth here is that there simply is no there-there. There never has been.

These folks did not ever want Donald J. Trump to be president. They want him off of the 2020 ballot. They are willing to do, say, and ultimately, believe anything, no matter how implausible, if it might lead to removal of President Trump from his duly elected office.

They put their faith in Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his gang of biased, anti-Trump prosecutors who spent years and millions of taxpayer dollars looking for dirt on the president. They were disappointed when even Mueller had to acknowledge that there was no criminal conspiracy between the Russians and the Trump campaign.

Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and their acolytes, however, believe that there is concrete evidence of a conspiracy, and that one day they may be able to produce it. Except they will never succeed for the simple reason that there was no coordination, no cooperation, no collusion, and no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

Instead of dreamily chasing after their socialist utopia, this bunch forced the entire nation into their nightmarish pursuit of revenge and disruption.

Their intent all along, after all, is to undo the 2016 election. They want to turn back time.

And, with the majority of senators seeing the best that the Democrat House managers could present, the senators have rejected an extension of this malevolent marathon of vituperation toward the president.

The House managers have been passionate about their work. And as sincere about their motives to “save the country” as a Don Lemon apology.

From mid-summer 2016 and over the past three years, the deep state, Leftist media, and radical Democrats have done nothing to help this nation. Instead, they have relentlessly attacked this president, his family, his friends and business associates, his supporters, and his voters. While the president has been improving the judiciary, the economy, our military, and American prestige at home and abroad, the vociferous malcontents in the Democratic Party have tried to undermine his efforts and the will of the American people.

As President Trump might say, “They are sick puppies.”