Tony Katz

The biggest lie ever told is that there is something more important than winning in politics. For the rest of us, the concepts of valor, honesty and morals have clear cut lines and distinctions. Certainly, on a governing level, they do for the Presidential candidates as well. But first, you have to win. That's what Rick Santorum is trying to do, and that feigned outrage of Mitt Romney and Co. is just laughable. They're not offended...they're scared.

In the state of Michigan, the primary system is open. Anyone who is a registered voter may vote in the GOP primary. Any registered Democrat may show up to a polling place, sign in (not sure if ID's are required, but if they are, you know, racism!) and vote. Democrats are using this as an opportunity to vote for someone who they don't believe in, but who they think will make it harder on the Republicans going forward.

As with all Leftist ideas, it has no originality or is straight out stolen from someone else. In this case, it was stolen from Rush Limbaugh, who called it Operation Chaos during the Obama-Clinton primary battle. In Michigan, they are calling it Operation Hilarity. Democrats are calling on Democrats to ask for a Republican ballot at their polling place, and vote for Rick Santorum. Their bet? According to Daily Kos:

“…to keep the Republican primary race in a deadlock in order to tarnish the viability of the frontrunners and ensure a second term for Obama.”

A Santorum win will make Romney a weaker candidate. If Romney loses Michigan (his home state, where his father was a three-term governor) he can no longer claim the mantle of "obvious choice." He is no longer the front-runner. Electability? Are you kidding?

Tony Katz

Tony Katz is a radio talk show host, writer, public speaker and cigar enthusiast. His show can be heard on 93.1FM WIBC in Indianapolis, and at