MADISON, Wis. — Nearly 14,000 more low-income earners in Wisconsin are enrolled in BadgerCare than what Gov. Scott Walker’s administration projected when the governor signed the state budget in July.

Those enrollment figures, released by the state Department of Health Services, will fluctuate throughout the year as Walker’s overhaul of the state’s Medicaid program takes form. But if the early numbers hold steady, state taxpayers could pay tens of millions of dollars more than what lawmakers budgeted for when they signed off on Walker’s BadgerCare reform plan.

Walker rejected $119 million over the biennium from the federal government to expand the state’s Medicaid program under Obamacare. He said he preferred state government offer residents “a hand-up rather than a hand-out,” and he didn’t trust the federal government’s promise to pay 90 percent of the cost of expanded Medicaid in the future.