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By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter MILWAUKEE, Wis. — The recently passed “living wage” in Milwaukee County already could be spurring job growth — in the public sector. Taxpayers are being asked to spend nearly $218,000 a year to hire three new compliance officers to oversee the county’s union-influenced living-wage law. The county’s Audit Services Division on Thursday will present a [...]
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Congratulations, Wisconsin taxpayers. You have arrived. It’s Tax Freedom Day for all you tax-burdened Badger Staters – the day when Wisconsin taxpayers have earned enough money to pay their total local, state and federal tax bill for the year.
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By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Reporter MADISON, Wis. — Nearly $1 million. That’s the price tag to date Wisconsin taxpayers have paid to outside special counsel in defense of Act 10, Gov. Scott Walker’s signature law reforming public-sector labor union collective bargaining in the state. The tally is considerably higher, when factoring in the man hours and dedicated resources [...]
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Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction believes the actions of a teacher who viewed and shared scores of pornographic and other sexually explicit content in a public school classroom were “highly inappropriate,” but not cause for the educator to lose his license.
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Hans von Spakovsky is one of the nation’s premier experts on campaigns, elections and civil rights. And so when the former member of the Federal Election Commission, describes something as “un-American,” he does so with a keen perspective and the kind of credentials that relatively few in his field possess.
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By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter MILWAUKEE, Wis. — There’s no longer any uncertainty Milwaukee County taxpayers will have to spend nearly $2 million more for janitorial services because of the county’s Big Labor-influenced “living wage.” The Milwaukee County Finance, Personnel and Audit Committee on Thursday approved a resolution by a 7-0 vote guaranteeing the next firm chosen [...]
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By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Milwaukee County taxpayers could see nearly $2 million in tax relief over the next three years if the county’s new union-influenced living wage wasn’t standing in the way. Taxpayers can only realize the $1.98 million in projected savings if the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors locks in a deal [...]
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That didn’t take long. Literally minutes after Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch officially announced their re-election campaign, a Hillary Clinton front group rolled out its attack machine against the Republican governor and potential 2016 presidential hopeful.
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Dane County approved a hefty pay raise for its sheriff and clerk of courts to make up for the employee pension contributions required by Act 10.
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  By M.D. Kittle | MADISON, Wis. — In the national battle by liberal government officials working to silence conservative activists, one Nevada group is fighting back. The State Government Leadership Foundation, a conservative nonprofit under attack by Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, a Democrat, recently filed an open records request with the agency hoping to track [...]