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“He’s going to start treating us as the labor partner … or we will whoop his ass, I promise you,” the union chief said of McDonald.
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The speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly wants to make sure school districts don’t raise property taxes to replace funds lost because of the transfer of voucher students to choice schools. Districts can now levy property taxes based on both the number of students attending public schools and those who live in the district but use […]
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And despite all the dour predictions, Act 10 has proved a smashing success for Wisconsin taxpayers, according to a new analysis by the MacIver Institute.
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Prosecuting attorneys are “generally not authorized to delegate official powers and duties to others, including private counsel,” the majority opinion states.
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“The Clean Power Plan would significantly harm Wisconsin’s economy," said Scott Manley of WMC.
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“My constituents in West Allis don’t want to pay for the city of Milwaukee to issue a local ID card,” Sanfelippo said.
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"It’s politics for the Democrats … They’ve circled the wagons about what’s going on at the VA,” Honl asserted.
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“This ‘pay and chase’ model has potentially cost taxpayers approximately $750 million,” the report asserts.
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“Many of these technologies have the capability of collecting massive amounts of personal data risking infringement of constitutional rights," the lawmakers said.
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“Your vote sends a message that the status quo isn’t working. Feb. 16, you get to decide the direction we’re moving in,” the sheriff says in a series of radio spots