ALEXANDRIA, Va. — In perhaps the most he’s spoken publicly on the immigration crisis, Gov. Terry McAuliffe said it’s the feds’ problem, not Virginia’s, and that undocumented children are only being housed at one location in the commonwealth — even though news outlets have confirmed more.

When a WTOP listener Wednesday asked the governor how he’s going to handle the immigration crisis now that it’s reached Virginia in terms of jobs and schools, McAuliffe partly dodged the question, instead pinning the crisis on Congress’ failure to pass immigration reform, secure the border and allow for smart immigration. McAuliffe said there’s “nothing we can do at the state level.”

“Now, we don’t have an issue in Virginia — we only have really one facility, that is the federal government contracting with a private contractor, Joe Gibbs,” McAuliffe said on radio Wednesday, referring to Joe Gibb’s nonprofit Youth For Tomorrow in Prince William County. “That is not the state. That is the federal government contracting with a private entity, which they’re entitled to do.”