Court may make Tennessee-North Carolina broadband a states’ rights issue
Court may make Tennessee-North Carolina broadband a states’ rights issue
Johnny Kampis | March 18, 2016|   10
“I think this is brilliant, and I think this is how the court is going to rule,” Szoka told “The FCC is not fundamentally ruling on communication. It’s trying to change who gets to decide on these networks from the state legislatures to the local governments.”
Program gives special needs kids real-world job experience
Amelia Hamilton | March 15, 2016|   0
At Fairview High School south of Nashville, Tennessee, special needs students take part in a program that gives them real-world experience in the marketplace. Working with Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe, they grow, package, deliver, and sell herbs learning about every aspect of business, from invoicing to profits, developing skills that will benefit them in their lives […]
Tennessee wrapping up state broadband access survey
Tennessee wrapping up state broadband access survey
Johnny Kampis | March 15, 2016|   0
The 20-minute survey offers separate questionnaires for households and businesses, focusing on who can access high-speed Internet, if they are choosing to use it and how they are using it.
Lawmaker wants to let rural residents petition for municipal broadband service
Lawmaker wants to let rural residents petition for municipal broadband service
Johnny Kampis | March 11, 2016|   31
Swann said that, under his plan, private Internet providers would be given notice if residents request service from their local municipal utility. He said that would spur competition, and give the free market a shot at the business.
Other school districts learn from Memphis innovation zone
Other school districts learn from Memphis innovation zone
Amelia Hamilton | March 01, 2016|   0
In many cities around the country, innovation schools — those given more autonomy than traditional schools traditionally have — are able to make changes and try new solutions to meet the needs of their students. Innovation zones (iZones) have a presence in both Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. There are three schools in Nashville which make up the “iZone” created in […]
Magnet school to focus on medical career paths
Amelia Hamilton | February 22, 2016|   0
Magnet schools are a way for students to learn more about their interests and explore potential career paths — without paying tuition. The Jackson Sun in Tennessee reports that, next year, South Side High School will become home to a health sciences medical program offering four med tech programs. Students will be able to choose between […]
Parents and grandparents are getting involved with education in Tennessee
Amelia Hamilton | February 19, 2016|   0
Two Tennessee initiatives are involving parents and grandparents in the educational process. The Tennessee Department of Education has created its first Parent Advisory Council, comprising 15 parents and representing each of the state’s three regions. Parents will provide feedback on implementation of state policy and communications, and serve to share information within their communities. This is […]
School choice bill stalls in Tennessee
Amelia Hamilton | February 12, 2016|   1
The fight for school vouchers in Tennessee stalled in legislature Thursday when Knoxville Republican Rep. Bill Dunn  told colleagues he didn’t have enough votes for his bill to pass. The measure would provide scholarships to high-risk students to attend private schools. Dunn blamed the bill’s failure on misinformation by the opposition, telling the Chattanooga Times […]
Tennessee voucher vote pushed back
Amelia Hamilton | February 09, 2016|   4
Voting on a school voucher bill in the Tennessee House of Representatives has been postponed until Thursday. The legislation would allow parents of low-income students attending the bottom 5 percent of schools to use public money (up to$6,628) to attend private schools, including those with religious affiliations. “Sometimes the slower you go, the faster you get […]
All of Memphis charter school’s graduating class heads to college
Amelia Hamilton | February 05, 2016|   8
Since 2012, every graduate of Soulsville Charter School in Memphis has headed to a four-year college or university. Of these 207 graduates, more than $30 million in scholarships and grants have been awarded, WMC Action News 5 reports. “Some students will choose four year, others will choose two year, some may choose trade school, and some […]