Tennessee launches reading coach network
Amelia Hamilton | September 27, 2016
Tennessee has launched a reading coach network to help meet its literacy goals. Two hundred reading coaches around the state will participate, then take the training to more than 3,000 teachers in all 146 school districts. “Teaching students to read empowers them to take charge of their education,” Education Commissioner Candice McQueen said in a press release. […]
District schools are becoming a thing of the past in Memphis
Amelia Hamilton | September 26, 2016
In Memphis, neighborhood district schools are becoming a thing of the past. “A school for every enclave, placed just a few miles apart, isn’t practical or feasible any more,” reads an editorial in the Memphis Daily News. “That could change if the city becomes denser. But we are in the midst of a profound change […]
Memphis board members want answers before closing more schools
Amelia Hamilton | September 15, 2016
Shelby County, Tennessee, is expected  to close 24 schools over the next five years, but the local board has four questions they would like answered before making these decisions, ranging from what specific criteria should be used to make those calls to what role the community should play when deciding to close a school. Read more here.
East Tennessee schools consider eliminating homework
Amelia Hamilton | September 14, 2016
Homework is a hot-button issue in schools around the country this year, and some East Tennessee schools are considering a policy that would do away with it altogether. Knoxville’s Amherst Elementary has already taken this step, and teacher Jyl Smithson says “I see a more general enthusiasm about school. They want to be here. They want to learn.” […]
Charter schools rejected by Memphis appeal to the state
Amelia Hamilton | September 14, 2016
Two national charter school networks that were rejected by Shelby County Schools have filed appeals with the state of Tennessee Board of Education. Staff has 60 days to review the appeals from Green Dot Public Schools and Pathways in Education and make recommendations before the full board considers the appeals. Read more here.
FCC’s court loss likely to spur municipal broadband push in state legislatures
FCC’s court loss likely to spur municipal broadband push in state legislatures
Johnny Kampis | September 08, 2016
Now that the Federal Communications Commission has decided not to appeal a federal court ruling that quashed its efforts to supersede state laws, expect state legislatures to ramp up efforts to allow municipal broadband to expand.
Google Fiber’s push for quicker utility-pole access moves ahead
Google Fiber’s push for quicker utility-pole access moves ahead
Johnny Kampis | September 07, 2016
The two biggest takeaways from that meeting: the one-touch, make-ready ordinance is highly likely to pass and a lawsuit trying to stop it is almost certain.
New math teachers get a signing bonus in Memphis
Amelia Hamilton | September 02, 2016
Memphis has such a shortage of high school math teachers they are giving a $5,000 signing bonus to those hired after Aug. 15.
Meet the Memphis charter school committee
Amelia Hamilton | September 01, 2016
With Memphis and Shelby County schools set to expand in 2017 their charter school count to 52, or nearly 25 percent of total schools in the district, the school board has created an advisory committee to oversee a new charter compact.
Memphis high schools schedule remediation time
Amelia Hamilton | August 31, 2016
Shelby County, Tennessee, schools have shifted their scheduled to include an “eighth period,” or time for remediation. This session will allow time for academic help to get students up to speed on schoolwork or for things such as ACT or AP test prep.  “That eighth-period has been a real jewel for us,” said Whitehaven principal Vincent Hunter. […]