Changes ahead for Tennessee turnaround district
Amelia Hamilton | December 15, 2016
Changes are ahead for Tennessee’s Achievement School District as, prompted by a new federal law, the state changes the way low-performing schools are handled. Proposed changes would reduce the flexibility the ASD has in taking over schools, and local districts would have more time to turn schools around before a takeover. The number of schools eligible for […]
Tennessee launches Polytechnic Academy to prepare students for workforce
Amelia Hamilton | December 14, 2016
Students in Hamilton County now have a new option in gaining career skills while still in high school, the Mechatronics Akademie.
Country music gives back to Nashville schools
Amelia Hamilton | December 09, 2016
The Country Music Association Foundation has given $1 million to support music education.
PBS examines split over charter schools among African Americans
Amelia Hamilton | December 02, 2016
PBS Newshour took a look at divisions in the black community over school choice, visiting Freedom Preparatory Academy in Memphis and speaking with those on the front lines. Watch the report here.
Memphis to change how it closes failing charters
Amelia Hamilton | November 17, 2016
Shelby County schools have been criticized for closing charter schools in a matter of weeks earlier this year. Now Memphis school officials are working on guidelines for a more deliberative process that could take up to three years and would be based on clearly defined criteria. Read more here.
Program aims to build trust between students and police
Amelia Hamilton | November 10, 2016
Springfield Middle School in Tennessee has invited local police to come have lunch each day and spend time with students as part of a new program, Friends in Blue. “Instead of sitting around waiting for it to happen, let’s be proactive and let’s start building some relationships and that may help us in the future,” said principal […]
Tennessee NAACP backs away from charter school moratorium
Amelia Hamilton | November 02, 2016
The Tennessee NAACP has distanced itself from the national organization’s decision to support a moratorium on charter school expansion. Gloria Sweet-Love, president of the NAACP Tennessee State Conference said that the NAACP’s concerns don’t apply to the Volunteer State. “In Tennessee, we have some of the best oversight laws,” she said. Read more here.
Memphians weigh in on what a high-quality school needs
Amelia Hamilton | October 25, 2016
Nine community meetings were held in Shelby County to find out what criteria the community considers in determining school quality. Some of the aspects of a high-quality school as defined by Memphians are up-to-date technology, a safe environment, STEM curriculum and field trips. Read more here.
Tennessee school district holds magnet school showcase
Amelia Hamilton | October 21, 2016
Knox County, Tennessee, schools held a Magnet Showcase this week to help parents choose the best school for their children. “We are interested in the STEM Academy because of the academics,” said parent Patti Dobbs. “Our son is interested. We want to learn details and insight and what they offer versus what the school he is zoned […]
Proposed social studies curriculum changes spark criticism in Tennessee
Amelia Hamilton | October 11, 2016
Some worry that proposed changes to Tennessee's social studies curriculum will strip out too much of the state's history, including removing discussion of major American civil rights milestones and Civil War battles fought in the state.