Federal squeeze on Charter sparks broadband data-cap spikes
Federal squeeze on Charter sparks broadband data-cap spikes
Johnny Kampis | May 04, 2016|   0
“Of course, those heavy users would prefer not to pay for additional data, but why shouldn’t they bear more of the cost of [the] network?” he said.
Memphis charters to appeal closure
Amelia Hamilton | April 29, 2016|   0
Three Memphis charter schools slated for closure are fighting back. Omni Prep Lower, Omni Prep Middle and Southern Avenue Middle charter schools will be appealing Shelby County’s decision to close the schools, claiming the process was unclear and last-minute. “We’re just disappointed to, in April, sort of the 11th hour, with not really any due process, […]
Six more Memphis schools set to close
Amelia Hamilton | April 28, 2016|   0
The Shelby County,  Tennessee, Board of Education voted this week to close three more Memphis schools and revoke the charters of three others, the result of initiatives to cut costs and improve low-performing or under-enrolled schools. Read more here.
Tennessee legislature’s 2016 education roundup
Amelia Hamilton | April 27, 2016|   0
While the educational element of Tennessee’s 2016 legislative session will be remembered for the rollout of TNReady, the state’s new standardized assessment, plenty more than that went on. Chalkbeat has a new piece laying out key moments from this year’s session, including the blocking of vouchers, school funding formulas, and work on early childhood education.  
More Tennessee students going to college
Amelia Hamilton | April 21, 2016|   0
Nearly 5 percent more high school graduates in Tennessee went straight to college in 2015, a jump officials are linking to the Tennessee Promise scholarship program, which pays to send thousands of students to community and technical colleges. The college attendance rate was 62.5 percent. Emily House, a data expert with the state higher education commission, […]
Is Google Fiber getting ‘backdoor corporate welfare?’
Is Google Fiber getting ‘backdoor corporate welfare?’
Contributor | April 21, 2016|   4
By Chris Butler / Tennessee Watchdog The people behind Google Fiber and its support groups may lobby for municipal broadband, but they ultimately want it to fail, the president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance says. TPA President David Williams says Google already gets corporate welfare costing taxpayers millions. But it wants to take things a […]
FCC’s Lifeline expansion: Rural internet solution or taxpayer boondoggle?
FCC’s Lifeline expansion: Rural internet solution or taxpayer boondoggle?
Johnny Kampis | April 19, 2016|   2
“It’s part of a bigger effort by the FCC to expand taxpayer-funded broadband projects,” Williams said.
‘Million Dollar Scholars’ recognized in Memphis
Amelia Hamilton | April 18, 2016|   0
While schools frequently hold “signing days” to celebrate the athletic success of their students, highlighting where they’ve chosen to play their sport in college, Whitehaven High School in Memphis has taken the practice to the classroom, recognizing 51 seniors who were offered $1 million or more in academic scholarships. “There’s a belief that Whitehaven is […]
Tennessee students may be able to cross county lines for classes
Amelia Hamilton | April 13, 2016|   0
These classes would be taken through webcam or computer and paid for through a limited voucher program.
Leader chosen for innovation school in Memphis
Amelia Hamilton | March 31, 2016|   0
“It’s critical that the superintendent gets this hire right and it needs to be someone proven,” said Lionel Cable, who just left an iZone principalship to become an iZone instructional leadership director. “It makes sense to make sure a very strong leader is there.”