Oregon shifts 4,000 illegal immigrants into Obamacare

Watchdog Staff
Mar 04, 2014 11:04 AM

An Oregon Obamacare exchange failure shifted nearly 4,000 applicants for a state program that provides pregnancy services to illegal immigrants into the state’s expanded Medicaid program, the Oregonian reports.

The Oregon Health Plan serves as the state’s version of Medicaid for low-income residents. Two-thirds of the Obamacare exchange’s enrollments have been for the expanded Medicaid program, adding over 70,000 Oregonians to the plan.

But state officials have been manually sending the information incorrectly and incompletely for months, and thousands of applicants to the Citizen/Alien Waived Emergent Medical program, which provides services to low-income individuals without a legal immigration status, were given full coverage under Medicaid instead.