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Strange but true, Gov. Chris Christie blasted the New Jersey Assembly last week for not focusing on state business. Minutes later, the governor boarded a plane to Iowa in pursuit of his presidential ambitions. So far this year, Christie has traveled out-of-state on at least 145 days.
By Mark Lagerkvist | | Sep 30, 2015 11:04 PM | 287
Chris Christie and the case of a public record that mysteriously shrunk in half are returning to Superior Court. A judge will hear arguments on whether Christie's 'secret' media list was altered before its release, a possible violation of the court’s order.
By Mark Lagerkvist | | Sep 23, 2015 10:39 PM | 388
Mark your calendars! Gov. Chris Christie made his first New Jersey public appearance in 51 days on Tuesday. The governor has been a virtual phantom in the Garden State, especially since he officially announced his run for the White House in June. In 2015, he has traveled outside New Jersey for all or part of 141 days — more than half of the ongoing year. The governor’s day-to-day activities are recorded by Matt Katz’s “The Christie Tracker” blog for WYNC radio.
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For New Jersey taxpayers, the bad news is even worse than a report showing their state government is $160 billion in debt. The deficit is actually $10 billion higher – a whopping $170 billion – according to State Treasury records obtained by New Jersey Watchdog.
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New Jersey ranks worst in the country for state debt, according to a new nationwide study. Each taxpayer would need to pay $52,300 to erase New Jersey’s existing bills, including public pensions and retiree health benefits
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With his White House run on the ropes, Chris Christie came out swinging Wednesday night at the prime-time Republican presidential debate on CNN. Instead of duking it out with the other 10 GOP hopefuls on the stage, the New Jersey governor aimed his blows at opponents who weren't present -- President Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic-controlled legislature in his home state.
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Guard your wallets, New Jersey taxpayers! The deficit in state pension and health benefit plans for public employees is fast approaching $200 billion. The unfunded liabilities have reached a staggering $194.5 billion, according to a New Jersey Watchdog analysis of State Treasury records
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Chris Christie barely qualified Thursday for the GOP presidential debate on CNN, placing the New Jersey governor far from center stage at next week’s prime-time event. Christie’s podium on the stage will be relegated to the 11th position because of a rules change that added Carly Fiorina to the mix.
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Gov. Chris Christie lost another court battle in his attempt to keep secret a key cog in his taxpayer-funded publicity machine. A judge denied the New Jersey governor’s plea for a stay of an order to release a copy of a strategic "valuable asset" list of 2,500 media contacts to New Jersey Watchdog.
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To find double-dippers in New Jersey’s Essex County, taxpayers only need look up. Three top county officials have pocketed more than $2.8 million in retirement pay in addition to their six-figure salaries.