LINCOLN, Neb. — The ACLU of Nebraska says saying law enforcement agencies in the state have “grossly misused” Tasers several times, jolting an elderly, disabled Omaha man with dementia, a drunk man who was “staring down” a cop from a Grand Island hospital bed and a combative 10-year-old Kearney student.

The report  released Tuesday examined 11 police departments in 2013-2014, but was unable to include the state’s two largest police departments, the Omaha Police Department and the Lincoln Police Department, which refused to provide complete copies of their Taser policies or redacted police reports. The ACLU said it’s preparing a lawsuit to get the policies.

The ACLU said the Lincoln and Omaha police departments previously have provided information about their use of Tasers, but not this year. That means nearly three-quarters of a million Nebraskans live in cities that refuse to be transparent about their use of a weapon that can kill Americans, the ACLU said.