OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — The federal government’s now-infamous 1033 program has played a huge part in placing military surplus equipment in the hands of local law enforcement. But while the ramifications of such actions are on full display in Ferguson, Mo., the Sunflower State isn’t immune from the trend of police militarization.

A database compiled by the Detroit Free Press details, by county, what kinds of military hardware have been shipped from the U.S. Armed Forces to your local law enforcement agency. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers you need to know:

Designed to withstand high-explosive ordinance in the form of roadside bombs, the MRAP gained its street cred on the roads and battlegrounds of war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan. But now, they’re a defensive and intimidating force backing up community police officers. In all, four were distributed to law enforcement across Coffey, Sedgwick, Montgomery and Johnson counties, and are valued at a combined $2.14 million. Additionally, a generically classified tactical assault vehicle valued at $200,000 was distributed to law enforcement in Saline County.