OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — To read some city and state laws, you’d think it’s all a big joke.

But while April 1 is a day dedicated to farcical humor from coast to coast, we can assure you that some of Kansas’ most hilarious codifications are all too true. Plus, we’ve got links to the official law books to prove it.

It also applies to deer, fowl, or any other game animal, really. While most outdoorsmen are familiar with the state’s prohibition against road hunting (as in the combined literal and figurative versions of shouting “shotgun”), state law goes even farther than standard forms of terrestrial travel. K.S.A. 32-1003 explicitly states that it’s unlawful for anyone to “take any game animal or furbearing animal from a motorboat, airplane, motor vehicle or other water, air or land vehicle.” The exception is when someone has been granted special permission by the state, or, you know, if they’ve been hired by the USDA to hunt feral hogs from a helicopter.