Illinois schools handing out post-retirement bonuses
Amelia Hamilton | September 28, 2016
To cut costs and boost the state’s woefully underfunded teachers pension system, Illinois voted in 2005 to set limits on end-of-career pay raises for teachers and administrators. So, instead of pay raises, districts are paying out tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses to employees who are retiring or, in some cases, to those who have already retired. […]
Chicago teachers OK strike
Amelia Hamilton | September 26, 2016
The Chicago Teachers Union has voted again to approve an open-ended strike, which could take place as early as Oct. 11. According to the union, more than 90 percent of union members voted, and 95.6 percent of those votes were in favor of a walkout. “This should come as no surprise to the Board, the mayor […]
Will Chicago teachers strike again?
Amelia Hamilton | August 26, 2016
Teachers protested outside CPS headquarters Wednesday, chanting, "They say cut back. We say fight back!"
School CEO: Cuts coming to Chicago classrooms if unions won’t budge
Amelia Hamilton | August 16, 2016
Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool says if teachers won’t agree to concessions — and so far unions are balking — “the alternative is cuts to the classroom.” “We don’t believe it’s the right thing to do, and we’re hopeful that upon reflection the teachers union will understand that’s not the right thing to do either,” Claypool […]
Chicago Public Schools to begin layoffs
Amelia Hamilton | August 08, 2016
Chicago Public Schools is laying off 500 teachers, all of whom are eligible to re-apply for jobs elsewhere in the district. Five hundred other school-based staff are also being laid off. The Chicago Teachers Union said “the gutting of experienced educators and other school employees only weakens schools and puts children at a disadvantage,” although most […]
The story behind Chicago’s ‘impossible to comply with’ home-sharing ordinance
The story behind Chicago’s ‘impossible to comply with’ home-sharing ordinance
Nathaniel Crosser | August 08, 2016
Shorge Sato is a Chicago attorney who specializes in real estate law and is recognized as a top rated business litigator by Super Lawyers magazine. And even he can’t make sense of the Windy City’s new 58-page ordinance governing home-sharing firms like Airbnb, VRBO and others that the City Council adopted on a 43-7 vote on June […]
Explaining Chicago’s rising graduation rate
Amelia Hamilton | August 03, 2016
Students in Chicago are now three times more likely to graduate than they are to drop out, a ratio that at one time was nearly equal. In the last sixteen years, the graduation rate for Chicago Public Schools has increased 22 percent. A new report — High School Graduation Rates Through Two Decades of District Change –– by the University of […]
Wikileaks emails bring back Tammy Duckworth’s old political friends — Shah and Blagojevich
Wikileaks emails bring back Tammy Duckworth’s old political friends — Shah and Blagojevich
M.D. Kittle | August 03, 2016
In July 2007, as the clouds of corruption swirled around Blagojevich, Duckworth praised her boss. The governor introduced the VA director as the “star of his administration.”
Tensions remain in Chicago education
Tensions remain in Chicago education
Amelia Hamilton | July 29, 2016
If you’re wondering how things are going between Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and Chicago’s teachers, it was just last week that an email was uncovered in which he wrote that half of them are “virtually illiterate” and that the principals to whom they report are “incompetent,” the Chicago Tribune reported. While he has since apologized for […]
Chicago Teachers Union holds protest over funding
Amelia Hamilton | July 22, 2016
The Chicago Teachers’ Union picketed outside of city hall earlier this week to demand more funding. The protest was a reaction to the recently-released Chicago Public Schools budget, which includes nominal per-student funding of $4,087. CTU is pushing for $5,000 per student. Read more here.