Closing time: Authorizers, policymakers strive to address charter school shutdowns
Closing time: Authorizers, policymakers strive to address charter school shutdowns
Heather Kays | March 03, 2016|   4
“As an authorizer, I'm fine with being responsible to and for these issues,” said Betley.
Florida offers best educational bang for buck
Amelia Hamilton | February 29, 2016|   0
When it comes to educational spending, a recent study has found that Florida has the best bang for the buck. The state’s increases in per-pupil spending have trailed several others, yet student learning gains over the last two decades suggest kids in Florida are getting the best return on investment. The study, produced by scholars from […]
Florida confronts question of who decides on charter schools
Heather Kays | February 18, 2016|   38
Does TD Bank get to decide if Wells Fargo can open a branch down the street? Can Starbucks nix a neighborhood  Dunkin’ Donuts? That’s essentially the situation in Florida and other states where local school boards can determine if a public charter school can open in their district or county. Some lawmakers are trying to change that. […]
Unique magnet schools serve all kinds of students with all kinds of interests
Amelia Hamilton | February 16, 2016|   2
We all know that education isn’t one-size-fits-all, and magnet schools are one way that public schools are able to engage students with unique interests. Rather than attend the school for which a student is zoned based on zip code, they can apply for magnet schools that are tailored to their specific interests. This provides opportunities for […]
Kasich promotes Obamacare expansion in Florida, South Carolina
Kasich promotes Obamacare expansion in Florida, South Carolina
Jason Hart | February 12, 2016|   85
Ohio Gov. John Kasich had a busy day Friday, advocating for Florida and South Carolina to expand Medicaid under President Obama's 2010 health law.
Scholarship students to teachers union: Be our valentines
Amelia Hamilton | February 12, 2016|   0
Florida’s largest teachers union has gone to court seeking to end scholarship tax credits. Scholarship students responded by stopping by the Florida Education Association offices with valentines and candies reading “#DropTheSuit.” “Today was really just about sweetness,” said Bob Bellafiore, a spokesperson for the Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options. “These kids deserve the same chances that people of […]
Florida school choice bills head to House floor
Amelia Hamilton | February 11, 2016|   5
The Florida House Education Committee has passed two school choice measures that will now head to the House floor with a vote that closely followed party lines. One is a constitutional amendment that would create a statewide entity to approve charter schools in Florida rather than requiring approval from school districts. The other would allow […]
The shifting politics of school choice
The shifting politics of school choice
Amelia Hamilton | February 03, 2016|   9
School choice can be a politicized issue, but there are signs it is becoming less so, at least on some issues in some venues. Over the past two weeks, a pair of events were held supporting school choice, and they were remarkably bipartisan. On Jan. 19, in response to a suit filed by the Florida Education Association seeking to kill […]
A Florida mom’s story of school choice
Amelia Hamilton | February 01, 2016|   7
Florida mom Olivia Huron-Schaeffer has written a piece for Florida Today in which she refutes a column by Richard Smith, president of the Brevard teachers union. She pushes back against claims that scholarship programs hurt public education, and takes on other well-worn examples of misinformation about school choice, such as the idea that charter schools cherry-pick students. […]
School choice debates off and running in 2016
John Bicknell | January 25, 2016|   3
Although it’s only January, quite a bit is already happening in the school choice space this year, and the Cato institute has has created a roundup of stories to watch. It will be hard to top the progress made in 2015, but it is encouraging to see so many positive signs to start the new year [...]