Former Florida teachers union chief sentenced to more prison time
Amelia Hamilton | April 22, 2016|   4
Pat Santeramo, former head of the Broward Teacher’s Union in Florida, has been sentenced to an additional 18 months in prison after he serves a five-year prison term. He received the five-year sentence last week for a union kickback scheme from which he received $165,000, and the judge tacked on the extra time beyond the […]
Public-private broadband program for low-income families expands
Public-private broadband program for low-income families expands
Johnny Kampis | April 21, 2016|   4
Several broadband providers are working with the federal government on the initiative, but Cox will be the first to extend the discount to its entire coverage area.
How to find gifted black and Hispanic students: Stop asking, start testing
Amelia Hamilton | April 12, 2016|   1
Studies show that schools have greatly under-identified black and Hispanic students as gifted. Formerly, parents and teachers would recommend students to be tested for gifted tracks but, the New York Times reports, when one school district decided to test all students rather than rely on referrals, the results were staggering. The share of black and […]
State Sen. Carlyle Begay pushes for ESAs for tribal students
Heather Kays | April 11, 2016|   96
Arizona Sen. Carlyle Begay says the importance of legislation that would expand educational options for tribal children currently enrolled in Bureau of Indian Education  schools is not only to create education scholarship accounts for Native American students, but to lead tribes to an era of “self-determination.” “It is a big step to start putting federal […]
U.S. Senate hears testimony on school choice for Native Americans
Amelia Hamilton | April 08, 2016|   12
“There are 185 BIE schools in the nation. Nearly five out of 10 students attending these schools will not graduate high school. What if we could give ESAs to those BIE students in Arizona who would not have made it to graduation otherwise?”
Chavous: The real segregation in American education
Amelia Hamilton | April 04, 2016|   0
A new study has suggested the "whiteness" of American private schools is a symptom of systemic racism, but school choice advocate Kevin Chavous says the real issue is a lack of support for the school choice that would integrate these schools.
Shining a light on civil asset forfeiture reform
Shining a light on civil asset forfeiture reform
Mark Lisheron | April 04, 2016|   54
This year, if history holds, Texas law enforcement officers and prosecutors will pocket most of about $60 million in cash and property taken from people in asset seizures. Since the beginning of this century, criminal justice officials have vacuumed up more than half a billion dollars on the pretext of suspicion, no arrest or conviction […]
Four cities to get more low-cost broadband under Internet expansion plan
Four cities to get more low-cost broadband under Internet expansion plan
Johnny Kampis | March 31, 2016|   0
The move comes at a time when lawmakers seek to bridge a different Internet divide – between urban areas like Nashville and its surrounding rural areas.
Florida legislation could cause headaches for athletics
Amelia Hamilton | March 30, 2016|   7
A new bill in Florida would allow students to attend any public school in the state as long as that school has space available. This could be tricky for athletics, as students will be immediately eligible to play sports, even if the season has already started. That could allow a student to transfer from school to […]
Public school districts in Florida overspend, blame charters
Amelia Hamilton | March 09, 2016|   7
An op-ed in the Miami Herald looks at education spending in Florida, saying that school construction has exceeded its budget by more than $1.2 billion in recent years as they look to raise taxes for more funding. Meanwhile, the districts blame charter schools for the funding issues they face. The Herald asks “The question now is what […]