New website shares research data on students in foster care
New website shares research data on students in foster care
Contributor | June 23, 2016|   30
By C.S. Boddie / The University of Northern Colorado has developed a website to provide ready access to data on educational outcomes for students in foster care, the culmination of a  research partnership between public and private entities in the state. “This work has become a model for how to do research partnerships at the state […]
Colorado DOE faces lawsuit over policy-related firing
Amelia Hamilton | June 20, 2016|   2
Dian Prestwich, a former employee of the Colorado Department of Education, is suing the state DOE, which she says fired her last year for sharing her opinions on proposed policy changes. Claiming a violation of her First Amendment right to free speech, Prestwich is suing for legal fees, the reinstatement of her job and wages lost during her […]
‘Listening tour’ will help inform Colorado implementation of new education law
‘Listening tour’ will help inform Colorado implementation of new education law
Contributor | June 13, 2016|   10
by C.S. Boddie / The Colorado Department of Education’s “listening tour” around the state was the first step in what is expected to be a long-running project designed to gather information and inform decision on how the new federal education law will be implemented in the state. Armed with survey software, CDE staff visited […]
A $628 million tax hike for education in Denver?
Amelia Hamilton | June 10, 2016|   3
A committee of stakeholders in Denver has recommended that Denver Public Schools put a $628 million tax hike on the ballot. The money would go toward building new schools, renovating existing schools, technology, personnel, and other education-related expenses. The school board is scheduled to vote June 16 on the proposal. If it’s approved, voters get their […]
Colorado charter schools claim a sliver of renovation money
Colorado charter schools claim a sliver of renovation money
Johnny Kampis | June 10, 2016|   4
“Despite surpassing the districts on these metrics, the charters are significantly underrepresented,” Schaller told on Friday. “When the need in those facilities are more acute we see no need why they should get less.”
Judge issues blow to school choice in Colorado
Amelia Hamilton | June 10, 2016|   0
The Douglas County, Colorado, education voucher law’s exclusion of religious schools was upheld by a federal judge on Thursday. “This case is about whether a government can deny a child aid just because parents want the child to go to a religious school,” argued Michael Bindas of the Institute for Justice, representing three families challenging the […]
Charter school graduates first class of pregnant or parenting teens
Amelia Hamilton | June 10, 2016|   10
New Legacy Charter School in Aurora, Colorado, has graduated its first class of students, all of whom are pregnant or parenting. The school has 85 students attending, 85 percent of whom are female and half of whom had dropped out of traditional high schools before coming to New Legacy. “I kind of felt lost,” said Ebony Olivas of […]
Colorado students earn diplomas while incarcerated
Amelia Hamilton | June 06, 2016|   2
Century High School, which serves students in the youthful offender system, celebrated its 16th commencement ceremony this year, when 27 young men received diplomas. “You did it,” said Mike Romero, a former YOS warden. “You can do anything you set your mind to. This is an opportunity for a second chance; go out and make the […]
Online school becoming more popular in Colorado
Amelia Hamilton | June 03, 2016|   1
The Southwest Colorado eSchool offers online classes for grades 7-12, and is becoming an increasingly popular option. Now in its fifth year, the online school has more than 300 students. “We’ve seen a lot of growth this year,” said Principal Mike Freeburn. Read more here.  
Colorado student gets free college through dual-enrollment
Amelia Hamilton | June 02, 2016|   1
Colorado high school student Ian Engebrecht will graduate this Friday, and his college graduation won’t be long after. Through a dual-enrollment program, he is well on his way to earning a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Colorado Technical University. “Why not go for it?” Engebrecht said. “I got to go to college for free while […]