Where Denver students are choosing to attend school
John Bicknell | January 06, 2017
On the first day that Denver students could submit their top choices for next year, Chalkbeat took a look at the schools most likely and least likely to have students opting in and out. Chalkbeat reports that 86 percent of kindergarteners get their first-choice school. Eighty-six percent of sixth graders get their first choice. Ninth graders […]
Picking up the pieces of the failed Lamar Power Plant
Picking up the pieces of the failed Lamar Power Plant
Joshua Sharf | January 06, 2017
After the failure of any major project, the participants inevitably begin sorting out who to blame. In the case of the failed Lamar Power Plant, there are plenty of candidates. In 2006, the Arkansas River Power Authority and its constituent cities created the Lamar Repowering Project, a plan to convert a Lamar natural gas power plant […]
Colorado school recognized for closing achievement gap
Amelia Hamilton | December 14, 2016
Wildflower Elementary School in Colorado Springs has been recognized as a 2016 National Title 1 Distinguished School.
Colorado district using competency-based learning
Amelia Hamilton | December 08, 2016
Westminster is the only school district in Colorado to use a competency-based learning model, but is it working?
Trump-DeVos voucher program may face legal, political trouble in Colorado
Trump-DeVos voucher program may face legal, political trouble in Colorado
Johnny Kampis | December 05, 2016
It’s no easy feat to implement a voucher system in Colorado. Just ask school choice advocates on the Douglas County school board.
Colorado school board kills voucher program
Amelia Hamilton | November 16, 2016
On Tuesday, the Douglas County, Col., school board voted unanimously to rescind a voucher program that gave parents the option of enrolling their children in a non-religious school. The program was created in March after the Colorado Supreme Court in 2015 declared unconstitutional an earlier program that included religious schools. Read more here.
Online education allows student to balance school and work
Amelia Hamilton | November 15, 2016
High school junior Fabian Simons has turned to online education in order to balance school and work. “I used to have a job at Water World,” Simons said. “I would have to go to school and not show up for work or go to work and not show up for school.” The flexibility of the oft-maligned […]
Denver university, high school create partnership
Amelia Hamilton | November 14, 2016
Students and instructors from the Denver campus of the University of Colorado will be partnering with Wheat Ridge High School students to provide guidance and mentorship. “As a high school, it’s a gift to have college professors come in and help us. They teach us what they teach their students in college. It really helps us […]
Denver expo helps families choose the right school
Amelia Hamilton | November 14, 2016
Denver Public Schools recently held their sixth annual Great Schools Expo, a chance for the families of fifth and eighth graders to learn about the options available and select their middle or high school.“Students can learn if a school is the right school for them or not,” said Brian Eschbacher of Denver Public Schools. Read […]
Implications for education if Democrats take Colorado Senate
Amelia Hamilton | November 02, 2016
Republicans have held a one-vote advantage in Colorado’s Senate since the 2014 midterm elections but, if the Democrats take control next week, one policy area that could see big changes is education. Chalkbeat Colorado writes that, while the push is currently for a resolution to Colorado’s education funding issues, Democrats are likely to spend more in […]