Denver sets guidelines for shutting schools
Amelia Hamilton | May 17, 2016|   0
Denver Public Schools has released new guidelines for closing low-performing schools. “It’s a very real set of criteria we’re going to be facing in our neighborhoods,” said school board member Rosemary Rodriguez, who represents southwest Denver. Read more here.
Colorado school to use therapy dogs to help students deal with stress
Amelia Hamilton | May 12, 2016|   4
Mountain Vista High School near Denver will be adding two staff members this week — therapy dogs to help students deal with stress as the year comes to an end. Seniors will be able to visit the Therapy Dog Lounge between exams to help them relax. Next year, the program will launch fully. Read more here.
Bill to eliminate charter school waivers dies in Colorado House
Bill to eliminate charter school waivers dies in Colorado House
Johnny Kampis | May 12, 2016|   4
“I really think we were able to peel back the layers to show it was an exercise in unnecessary paperwork.”
Colorado charter schools both win and lose in legislative wrangling
Colorado charter schools both win and lose in legislative wrangling
Johnny Kampis | May 11, 2016|   3
“There’s still more work to do to make sure school choice students are treated fairly, but I’m very excited about the outcome. I think we made real progress this year to move school choice forward.”
Lockheed Martin gives $800,000 to Denver STEM programs
Amelia Hamilton | May 10, 2016|   4
Lockheed Martin has provided $800,000 to a STEM program at Denver Public Schools, bringing Project Lead the Way curriculum to up to 100 schools of all levels over the next three years. DPS sees this as an opportunity to support Lockheed Martin, too. “We’re going to make sure the future president and CEO of Lockheed is a […]
Class food truck project teaches entrepreneurship
Amelia Hamilton | May 06, 2016|   2
"It's a really creative business plan. They were creative and persistent. They created a great business model, and it's going well."
Charter funding bills move forward in Colorado Senate
Charter funding bills move forward in Colorado Senate
Johnny Kampis | May 03, 2016|   8
The bills face tougher opposition in the Democrat-controlled House, although the legislation has seen some bipartisan support.
Denver school board approves innovation zone
Amelia Hamilton | May 03, 2016|   2
Last week, the Denver school board voted unanimously to approve an innovation zone, giving four public schools an unusual level of autonomy. This zone, known as the Luminary Learning Network, will include Ashley Elementary School, Cole Arts & Science Academy, Denver Green School, and Creativity Challenge Community. Read more here.  
Report: Virtual schools ‘lag significantly’
Report: Virtual schools ‘lag significantly’
Johnny Kampis | April 28, 2016|   4
Gulosino and Miron say in their report that policymakers should stop, or at least slow, the growth of virtual and blended schools and their enrollment sizes until educators have a better handle on why students at these types of school perform poorly.
Teacher training program helps rural schools in Colorado
Amelia Hamilton | April 22, 2016|   1
A training program that gets professionals up to speed as teachers is helping rural Colorado schools to staff up, the Durango Herald reports. The Boettcher Teacher Residency Program recruits professionals, or those with at least a bachelor’s degree in their field, and gives them a year of in-classroom training. They’re then supported through the next […]