A Pennsylvania Prediction

Mike Gallagher

4/22/2008 8:21:48 AM - Mike Gallagher
Ok, I've got a pretty decenty track record in predicting primary victories.   While many were expecting Sen. Barack Obama to beat Sen. Clinton in Texas, I boldly (well, maybe not boldly) predicted Clinton would win, largely due to the "chaos" factor (Republicans crossing over and voting for Hillary in order to keep the Democrat Party in "chaos".   

I was right.

And so with that cocky attitude, I will now predict that Obama is going to surprise everyone and win in Pennsylvania today.

Even though the polls are predicting a fairly close Hillary victory, Keystone State voters are a peculiar bunch.  Obama is riding an unbelievable tidal wave of momentum and I just do not believe Hillary can stop him.  Many pundits/pollsters are now pretty openly referring to her in the political past tense.   A popular YouTube video is making the rounds affirming that it is mathematically impossible for Hillary to obtain enough delegates to get the nomination.  And Democrats are realizing that if they are to have any chance of winning the White House, the "chaos" has to stop.

Make a note.  Primary Day in Pennsylvania, April 22, 2008.   7:15 in the morning.    Gallagher predicts an Obama victory.

As always, if I'm right, feel free to congratulate me tomorrow.

If I'm wrong, we will never talk about this again.