Conservatives and Eliot Spitzer

Mike Gallagher

3/11/2008 10:00:56 AM - Mike Gallagher
To all my fellow conservatives, I have a six-word warning before you get too excited or satisfied over Eliot Spitzer's downfall:  Mark-Foley-Larry-Craig-David-Vitter.

There's actually nothing political about a man's decision to ruin his life, destroy his family, and obliterate his reputation the way Spitzer has done.  And while he had very few fans -- I'm one of many who despised the way he attacked corporate executives for their compensation and couldn't believe his attempts to give driver's licenses to illegals, among other things -- the anguished look on his wife's face should be a reminder that there are some very real victims in this tale.

It has been remarkable to hear some like-minded callers to my radio show today try and justify the various trysts committed by Republicans while justifiably condemning Spitzer's alliance with prostitutes.   Callers have said things like, "Well, Mark Foley didn't get arrested for anything" (as if writing dirty emails to young boys is okay); "David Vitter didn't get arrested for being on the D.C. Madame's phone list" (the statute of limitations had run out); "Larry Craig didn't actually have sex with anyone in the restroom" (I'm actually speechless over that one).

Let's just let Spitzer get what's coming to him.  He'll fade away, as he should, and we'll move on.  But we'd better be careful over too much gloating.   Inappropriate sexual trysts aren't limited to Democrats.