John McCain's war record smeared

Mike Gallagher

2/7/2008 6:55:31 AM - Mike Gallagher
So now the new tactic from the McCain haters is to bash his actions as a prisoner of war.

Wow.  I'm starting to get overwhelmed by this anger and contempt towards the likely Republican nominee for president.  Some of the haters are sounding more and more like rabid liberal democrats every day.

A week or so ago, I embarked on a new course:  let's stop beating up any Republican and set our sights on beating Hillary or Obama.  To me, it just doesn't seem very sincere to beat the tar out of one of them -- McCain -- and then pretend that all is forgiven and support him in the general election (something just about every one of the McCain-bashing hosts and pundits will be doing, mark my words).

I'm not backing or supporting McCain, I'm backing my country.  I shouldn't have to explain to anyone what will happen to this wartime country if a Democrat wins.  Democrats are getting a great jump in the process by recording and writing down every word my fellow conservatives are using to hammer John McCain with.  And they will shove those words down our throats when we get closer to November.

I expected to get a lot of angry emails.  I guess I didn't anticipate the dozens of messages from people attacking the fact that McCain was a POW in Vietnam.  Evidently, there are people who believe that he didn't really do anything special, he just "got shot down" and survived the Hanoi Hilton by "using questionable methods."

How ugly.    I never thought any Republican would give Michael Moore or Rosie O'Donnell a run for their money.

Here's a crazy idea:  I believe that any of our men and women who survive the enemy while fighting for our country are heroes.

Sen. McCain might be wrong on a variety of issues.  But let's not make a difficult situation worse by attacking his distinguished military career.

As he said yesterday:  let's just calm down.