Whatever happened to "I'm Sorry?"

Mike Gallagher

9/5/2007 11:25:35 AM - Mike Gallagher
Jerry Lewis is in some hot water -- evidently, during the waning moments of the 2007 MD Telethon, he tried to joke around with a cameraman and called the cameraman's son, "an illiterate fag."  The invevitable reaction from gay activists occurred and the 81-year-old  comedian decided to apologize.

We see the same tired old cycle these days:  someone in public life says something stupid, they feel a need to apologize, but then seem to have no ability to offer a sincere apology.

Here's what Lewis said in his written statement:  "I apologize to anyone who was offended."

I love that.  "To anyone who was offended."   So what does that mean for those who WEREN'T offended?  That he's NOT sorry?

I am fascinated with these defiant, non-apologetic apologies.  There seems to always be the qualifying, "If anyone was offended" or "to those who were offended." 

Why can't people like Jerry Lewis just say, "I'm really sorry.  I screwed up."   And leave it at that?

Between a local and national radio show, I do five hours of solo radio a day.  Occasionally, i make a mistake.  I say the wrong thing, I treat a caller badly.  I don't say, "If anyone was offended at my error, I apologize."

I say, "I'm sorry."

What's so hard about that?