Illegals and HIV

Mike Gallagher

7/17/2007 6:53:57 AM - Mike Gallagher

The hits just keep coming when it comes to the thorny issue of illegal immigrants.  Now comes a report that illegals are contracting HIV when they come to the United States, and are spreading the disease when they return to Mexico.

The report, lovingly chronicled in the New York Times, suggests that an "expanding AIDS crisis among the migrants goes virtually unnoticed on both sides of the border", especially in Mexico where AIDS is still shrouded by stigma.

I say lovingly because the way Times writer Marc Lacey explains the reason many illegals are contracting the AIDS virus is stunning.  He writes, "For many migrants, being displaced from their homes and families is a lonely experience..."

Being displaced???  The New York Times is so desperate to paint illegal immigrants in a sympathetic light, they infer that illegals were kidnapped and forced at gunpoint to sneak across the border and take our jobs, health care and other social services.

And they're lonely?  So lonely people are more prone to break immigration laws, have unsafe and gratuitous sex, and contract HIV?

There are a whole lot of lonely people in the world who wouldn't dream of risking their lives by being promiscuous.

Yet another chapter of madness in the illegal immigration in America...