Mike Gallagher

I've been on vacation for the past week or so -- this was one of those times where my wife and I didn't go anywhere:  we moved into a new house we've been building for the past 7-8 months or so.

Moving is an amazingly draining experience.  Unpacking boxes, trying to track down the phone company (which simply can NOT seem to get our order right), dealing with all the new things one has to deal with, it can just be maddening.

But right when I think I'm ready to throw in the towel, I remind myself how blessed I am to live in a country that gives us such opportunity.

I admit to being touched by the Oprah Winfrey TV special the other night where she showcased her academy for young South African girls.   To see those children live in such abject poverty is sobering.   And then, to realize that I've been able to achieve the American dream by actually building a house and moving in this weekend, is truly a gift from God and an American ideal.

It's great to be back in the saddle again.

Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher is a nationally syndicated radio host, Fox News Channel contributor and guest host and author of 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate.