Life isn't fair...

Mike Gallagher

2/13/2007 8:33:51 AM - Mike Gallagher

Growing up, how many times did we hear "well, son, life's not fair" from Mom or Dad?

There are a number of stories today that seem to fall into that category.   Like Barack Obama calling the thousands of Americans soldiers who died fighting for their country "wasted" lives -- and getting away with it (how many articles or stories on the evening news have you seen about THIS particular insult?).   Don't believe he said it?   Do a quick google search.  He said it -- and quickly backtracked -- Sunday evening in Iowa.

But here's the one that really feels like we woke up in a "Twilight Zone" episode:  the Wall Street Journal reports this morning that Bank of America is getting ready to roll out a national program of giving credit cards to illegal immigrants.   I kid you not.  Bank of America has been quietly offering credit cards in Los Angeles to people without a social security number or a credit history (namely, illegals).   Now, they're getting ready to roll this program out nationally.

Just wonderful, eh?  Even been turned down for a loan because your credit wasn't strong enough?  Remember what it feels like to have the bank officer tell you that your credit just doesn't quite cut it?   So now, Bank of America customers, just sneak across the border, spend a few months here with a checking account at Bank of America without any overdrafts, and presto!  You, too, can achieve the American dream:  a shiny new credit card.

What will it take for the madness surrounding illegal immigration in America to end?