Thanks, Tim Russert

Mike Gallagher

2/5/2007 7:37:13 AM - Mike Gallagher

I never mind eating my words when it's appropriate to do so.   None of us who make our living espousing conservative views and opinions at a place like or on talk radio have any reluctance to point out the liberal bias in today's news media.

So when one of the big boys at one of the big four networks does a great job in exposing the hypocrisy of a liberal Democrat like John Edwards, we should offer some kudos.

I hope every American who is struggling with the ongoing debate between Democrats and most Republicans over the war in Iraq had a chance to watch Tim Russert of NBC's 'Meet the Press' hammer the former North Carolina Senator and would-be presidential candidate Sunday morning.

Russert did a masterful job of pointing out the real challenge that an anti-war voice like Edwards has to deal with:  how to explain his support of the war, both while he was a sitting U.S. senator and as recently as October of 2004, and then completely contradicting himself (just as he gets ready to start his presidential campaign) and suddenly advocating an immediate withdrawal of thousands and thousands of troops.

John Edwards is a phony.  Tim Russert did a superb job in proving that phoniness and political opportunism on 'Meet the Press' yesterday.

Perhaps the most compelling revelation during Russert's show was showing what Barack Obama, a then-state senator in 2002, had to say about invading Iraq.  It seems that Obama is one of the only Democrats who predicted failure in Iraq as early as 2002 and he did so in eerie detail which mirrors today's anti-war voices of the Democratic Party.

As I keep saying, if the 2008 presidential election will largely be about the war, there's only one Democrat who has consistently opposed it:  Barack Obama.

That could prove to be a big problem for Hillary and John Edwards.